TA Pathfinders?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by JayCam, May 29, 2007.

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  1. Do they exist? Was thinking that after doing 3 years with TA RE I would love to join the pathfinders for a while whether its reg or TA.. but TA would be better but is there a TA Pathfinders?


  2. wasn't there a TA unit in Lincoln that did this?
  3. You mean these guys?


    I don't have a definitive answer, but I'd imagine that for such a specialised role (advanced recce for airborne insertion) and such a small group (platoon size) the chances are relatively slim that it has a TA component/counterpart.

    I'm sure The_Duke or anyone else with a broad knowledge of 4PARA will enlighten you, soon as.

    You don't seem to mind if you do it TA or Reg ... perhaps you should look further into going regular?
  4. Not since the days of 16 Lincoln AFIK, but why not try UKSF(R) or the HAC?
  5. You could try this lot but there's no Airborne elements to the job (as far as I know) as with the Pathfinders

    edited too add that Baily beat me to it
  6. Surely 4PARA have a Recce Pl? Not quite Pathfinders, but still...
  7. Apparently the HAC are the only TA regiment to do that kind of thing, with regards to a 4PARA Recce Pl, somebody like (he must get sick of his name cropping up all the time) The_Duke will be able to shed some light on it.
  8. Sadly 16 (Lincoln) Independent Pathfinder Company is no more. :(

    It was turned into a rifle company of 4PARA and then the Recce and Sniper Platoon when the Jock Bn was "downsized" into 15 Coy 4PARA. I have a lovely mounted 16 Ind Coy DZ Flash (lincoln green background, white arrow), wings and embroidered Para Regt capbadge hanging in my loo along with my Commissioning Scroll and all the other memories of time in green.

    There was a "farewell to Lincoln" bash attended by Gen H. Pike (old Coy Comd) when the Coy relocated to Nottingham and lost the Pl location in Leicester. Must of been about 1992 (ish... the alcohol rots my memories of the event).

    So there is no TA Pathfinder unit. Rather sad, but when there is not even a full regular Parachute Brigade, and only a "Platoon" of regular Pathfinders these days then it is hard (impossible) to justify the expense of a TA pathfinder platoon.

    Should UK Plc ever feel the need of having another airborne division and TA support, then maybe there will be the requirement for TA Pathfinders. In the meantime there is plenty of secret squirrel work on Saturdays And Sundays should you feel so inclined.

    Good luck.
  9. Thanks for all the replies. Seems I will have to go reg if I want to join the pathfinders. HAC looks allright but the reason I wanted to go Pathfinders was for the HALO jumps etc.. I have done a bit of civi skydiving and would love to do it in the forces.. not much interested as static line jumps are crap and as much as I respect the paras I dont fancy the job myself. I guess SAS is another alternative.. and there IS a TA unit for that.

    I will think about it and decide in 3 years lol.

  10. STILTS, your link doesnt work,
    Jaycam Google UKSF(R) or 21 SAS or 23 SAS (depending on your loc stat)
  11. the only chnce you have of doing HALO is by going to EEmericA - just like me in a few weeks :)

    sadly no HALO though..
  12. In that case your comment makes no sense. Do one you gopping craphat.
  13. craphat ...!!!
  14. At least your hearing's ok.

    How was your couple of weekends of P Coy?

    Fcuking civvy.