TA P Coy (Ex Airborne Student)

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Panoptes, Jan 24, 2009.

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  1. Evening all,

    I'm considering attending Ex Airborne Student in March/April.

    Does anyone know what this entails, has anyone experienced it before?

    I believe it has a P-Coy part where the student completes the All Arms Pre Parachute Selection Course qualifying them for military parachuting (is this true)?

    Finally, at the minute I'm running 1.5 miler in 9.30/40 at a push will the trg program on the mil website, get me fit enough to achieve the min standard stated as 9.00mins in 10 weeks?

  2. Check your PM's and if you're going, enjoy yourself!
  3. Excellent.

    Does anyone know if the trg program will get me fit enough in time. As I don't want to rock up and be RTU'd straight off the bat.

  4. Not sure if u got all the info that u need. If not visit Tayforth UOTC website on ArmyNET as all the info u need is published there. Just login to ArmyNET and search for Tayforth there is a link to Airborne Student on the main page.
  5. I did it March last year, the P Coy staff were offering places on an actual P Coy course afterwards based on students performance, this was due to 16 Air Assaults upcoming departure to Op Herrick, and spaces been available on upcoming AAPPS (P coy).
    I went on this course very unfit, running a 10:42 mile and a half. they have since I believe made it necessary to run it at around a 9 minutes mile and a half now. Despite my lack of fitness I found the course very helpfull, you do get thrashed every day in a similar style to P coy build up weeks, and you do a number of P Coy events, we did log race, steeple chase, 2 miler, stretcher race and trainasium. I have since left the OTC and gone to the TA as an infanteer, and I'm on a PTI course later this year. This course helped change my attitude to fitness and has turned my lifestyle around so i am now considerably fitter, and am considering a career with Para Reg after uni.

    In short awesome course, get on it, Good course T shirt too.
  6. The info on armynet says that you do the TA Pre parachute selection course which qualifies you for military parachute training.

    But Lincs10 says you only do a few P Coy events.

    Could someone clarify this?

    Plus, sorry to keep asking, if I go by the 10 week trg program will I get my inital fitness standards high enough to enter the course (ie will my mile an a half time come down sufficiently so when they do the PFT on the first day (which I beleive is very common although not stated in the JIs) I won't be RTU'd straight off)?

  7. The course may have changes since last year, but Airborne student is not All Arms Pre Parachute Selection, they are both courses run by the P coy staff, Airborne Student does not qualify you for any more than a course t shirt and photo, it is an insight course.
    Impressing the P coy staff while on airborne student may lead to you being offerend a place on an actual P Coy run AAPPS.
  8. I presume that you are in receipt of JI's? If so, read the first paragraph entitiled GENERAL - the clue is there.

    The same was also in the information that I PM'd you.
  9. To make it clear;

    Airborne Student is a week long insight course run by P Coy staff, as an insight into AAPPS. It is for UOTC students.

    TA Pre Para Selection is the test week of P Coy and all P coy events are run, this qualifies you to attempt basic parachuting and getting your wings.

    Regualr P coy, AAPPS, is three weeks long and the final week is test week, pretty much the same as the TA Pre Para.

    I am by no means an authority, as i am only a STAB craphat myself, but i have done some research on the matter as i do intend to join Para Reg as a regualr officer.
  10. Ex Airborne Student is NOT a week long. It is a 9 day package broken down into 2 phases. Check your PM's.
  11. AFAIK this is a P Coy related OTC course and not p Coy. I don't think this will enable you to wear wings or do the 'actual' military jumps course.

    T C
  12. I was under the impression Airborne student had been rolled into P-company; one of our blokes rolled up last spring and ended up doing the full P-company insted of the Airborne student which he'd expected.

    The course will be run by Pegasus Company.
    The 9 day package will be broken down into 2 phases; phase 1 will comprise of ********************************************************************; phase 2 will consist of the TA Pre-Parachute Selection Course; qualifying all OCdts for military parachuting and service with Airborne Forces.

    Now we've got that little lot sorted, lets all get on with our Sunday lunches and then go to the pub! :)

    Edited to add: There you go Panoptes clear as crystal! :wink:
  14. I'm still slightly confused. (apologies I've been getting conflictng results on this forum)

    If I go on this "Exercise" will it be as if I've completed the TA AAPPC? As in will it be as if I've completed TA P Coy, like if I were in 4 para?

    Plus the fitness question.

    Will the 10 week prog get me fit enough in time to meet the entrance requirements of sub 9 min mile and a half (I'm doing it in 9.30/40 atm)?

    Sorry to keep asking I'm keen but don't fancy embarrassing myself, my PSI, my Trg WO, Senior Staff and my unit in general by being kicked out on the first day.

  15. In answer to your fitness question, yes it should get you fit in time. You should have no problem if you stick to it (my old flatmate passed TA P Coy and he was runnign about 9.30 and managed to cut it to 8.50 in a month or so).

    Can't answer your other questions, sorry.