Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Gas Gas Gas, Jul 21, 2003.

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  1. different and I want nothing to do with the OTC (I am TA)

  2. two totally different organisations and should be treated as such.

  3. a bunch of wannabes, so lump them together (I am a Regular)

  4. different and I want nothing to do with the TA (I am OTC)

  1. It would appear that the TA & OTC boards have been combined. Your thoughts?
  2. One is an organisation full of unfit smokers and drinkers who shag each other like rabbits while going on and on about eastern philosphies and creaming the system for a bit of extra bunce to suupliment their state-sponsored funds, the other's the OTC! :lol:
  3. Woopert!

    I have often wondered if I joined the wrong unit. It would appear that someone in the TA is having a lot more fun than me. It must be the RLC.
  4. if you combine the ta and the otc boards who do we look down on now
    the acf ? reinactment groups ? as the regulars look down on the ta
    the ta look down on the otc who are either too hung over, drunk or doing pressups for upsetting a nco to notice what we think of them when they come out on exercise with us
  5. I think the OTCs get an unfair press. Seeing as they are just a big PR exercise by the army, they succeed in numerous ways. They work well as a recruitment pool for both the regular and reserve army. They provide reasonable military training with the resources and time availible. They often provide a large amount of man-power for various exercises, again both regular and reserve. And they provide a worthwhile activity for countless students who become better people as a result.

    They also provide a ready supply of 'fit' chicks/ chaps (its allowed now), a constant excuse for a piss up and the cash to pay for the beer, spirits, silly costumes, etc, etc.

    Maybe all this 'looking down on the OTCs' is just jealousy because the fine OCDTs of the various OTCs get to do what all these moaning TA types would like to do if it wasn't for the wife, kids, mortgage and job.

    Half Rations
    self appointed i/c OTC PR
  6. what drop rifle in mud .make private pike look like a termanitor.and genrally behave like a complete dick who the army should comission
    because they happen to be doing a degree in media studies or some other
    waste of tax payers money .
    the ta supply bodies not just for exercises but also operations and
    we dont want to be share the same forum as otc
  7. Wow... Somebody failed selection weekend there!
  8. Are we referring to an OCDT or a TA squaddie? Sorry, an OCDT or a band A TA squaddie - seeing as OTC's are actually in the TA, rather than a branch of the girl guides.

    And as for providing bodies for operations, I'm of the opinion that it is the MoD stopping OCDTs from going on operation rather than OCDTs not wanting to go. I know a vast number of OCDTs that would jump at the chance to go on tour during their slack summer break rather than work in a pub etc.

    And before you reply with something along the lines of 'they are a danger to themselves and unto others', so to, in my experience, are a number of the band A TA soldiers. There are muppets in both the TA and the OTCs, as there are in the regular army. There are also some decent soldiers in the OTCs as proved by the large number of my ex OTC mates who, having only recently transferred to class A TA units, were sent to GWII. Your not telling me that the couple of months they had spent with their new units had transformed them from private pikes' understudy to lean mean guard post manning machines?

    Now if you'll excuse me I have to go and print up some 'OTC needs you' posters.

    PS. Please note that A) since the introduction of student LOANS, students are no longer 'scrounging of the state' as they are obliged to pay back what they BORROW. And B) the more people graduating from university increases the standard of living of the entire country as more money is earnt and therefore spent. GCSE economics taught me that - would you rather I have dropped out of school to spend a lifetime claiming unemployment benefit?[/quote]
  9. err well said! (belated I know!)
  10. CSE Remedial English taught me never to start a sentence with "And".

    :twisted: Personally I prefer unemployed dropouts to unemployable graduates... :twisted:
  11. I was in the TA........

    But am not know by as/of/beacuse/maybe/possibly by any known name or otherwise in any vain possibly pertaining in that light in the confused mind of certain indivduals who would not have spent hours searching this site to find that out............

    Start bleeting SS
  12. how many otc going to be a t chilwell in oct none oh well back to the bar . Bloody students :lol:
  13. TA 1
    OTC 0 :twisted:
  14. Im just posting this so i can use one of the faces things..... sad i know but its better than work :oops: :twisted: :evil: 8O
  15. Good thing we only go to war in the summer break, eh?

    Petard, your own, hoisted by....