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This might be a thread already, but I'll ask anyway, what are the pros and cons of joining either one of the units?

I am planning to join the army as an officer, so I am assuming that the OTC is the way forward, but it would be good to hear some other peoples views...

Thee are a number of threads about this and folk here have quite strong views on both which will come out soon i'm sure.

A strong point about the OTC is that it is normally based around your studies and university year so your training happens in term time or, hopefully right at the start of holidays. If you go home in the summer it may be difficult to attend TA training 200 miles away.

You will also hopefully get the opportunity to try or look at all the different arms and services and get attachments to some. While you may have "decided" which area of the army you want to go in I've seen this change once students have become more aware.

With both, what you get out of it depends what you put in.

If you want to PM me with which OTC you are considering joining I may be able to give you more specific info.
Look at OTC bounty and then look at TA bounty. I'd suggest that you join a TA unit as a private and then use the experience gained when you come to enlist as a regular Officer.

When they say "you should be joining as an officer" say" I'll have a lot of time to commit to my studies so I don't want to let the unit down - it would be better for now if I join as a private."

Just my opinion you understand. (Based on experience mind...)


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OTC all the way mate, you'll have plenty of time to be serious later in life!

I can help with OTC knowledge too!
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