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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by DjDangle, Jan 29, 2008.

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  1. Howdie. Was hoping for a little advice. I am stuck between the choice of joining Regular or the TA?

    Have always loved the forces, was in the cadets for 4 years in preperation to join up but ended up messing up and getting a few convictions etc. (nothing too serious, general Kid stuff) That pretty much stopped me from joining for a long while until they were spent. It probably was the best thing to happen as I wasn't mature enough to join then in my view.

    I have no financial commitments, no debts, no kids, no serious missus (lol) etc.

    The clincher is I am 29 now and obviously i've been living civi style since i left school. I've been away on a few Army look at life courses etc. Barb test etc all done but before I commit any further to anything I need to kinda make sure that it's right for me. ACO are just interested in getting the recruitment numbers up hence why im here...

    Would the TA be a better option for me? Any advice would be helpful. Ta
  2. how good's your civ job?
  3. I'm a self employed IT contractor. 30k a year. I know i won't get that in the army (or anywhere near), but the money isn't what's important to me tbh.
  4. there's your answer, I guess. personally, I wouldnt be giving up £30k.
  5. Why not try the TA first see if you like that.That way you can get an idea of wot army life is like without jakin you job in.
  6. Join the TA mate, like issac said its a great way to see what the army is like. I joined TA to see if the army was the right choice for me and ive ended up staying because you get the best of both worlds and also its that little bit of extra income that you wouldnt get if you went reg.

    Choice is yours though
  7. Join T.A,keep your civvie job and do T.A at the same time.
    If you want to go away for 6 months or more just ask and they will snap you up.
  8. i joined the T A at 22 after being refused regular service at 17 due to my height by weight (to skinny :( ) after a few years on the piss most weekends i'd put the weight on + i had got over feeling of rejection that i had so i went & joined the T A the best move i ever made :D my step son wants to go into the regs but due to him haveing no experience at all of the mob i've told him the T A first to get a taste of what your training will be like if he decides to go for the regs (myself i think he'll be happy with the T A) but thats his choice .i,am on a k30 + pay packet as well & when have gone on tours have always come back better off as coli + allowances usually all but damn it makes it up + theres not many places to spend what you do earn as well so your saving all the time,you can voluntarily mobilise & pick your tour? + it gives you a reason to stay fairly fit & gives you something to talk about apart from the usual 9 - 5 stuff 18yrs later i still enjoy alot of my experiences with the T A & the regs when attached to them good luck
  9. Thanks for all the advice. Better advice than i expected lol I probably think the TA will be the better option for me. Best of both worlds without giving up my life.

    Being 29 if I did do a few years in the TA and did find that i really loved it, could I then move over to regs, at a later date if I thought it was right for me?
  10. I'm a self employed IT contractor and even though I would love to be a reg I couldn't financially

    However I been a reg already so its not quite the same

    The great thing about being a contractor is that you can take as much time (within reason) off to do what you need to do, as long as you can take it financially.

    I would also add that joining at 29 would be hard as well, not physically, just you have had over a decade of civi post school life, it can be quite hard to change thought patterns, as a guide I LEFT as 30 after joining straight form school,

    My advice is throw yourself into the TA, you will enjoy it, being a little older is always looked upon well for the maturity factor, tell me where are you roughly ? (just putting on my recruiter head )
  11. Ta wellyhead. Location wise im in Coventry, West Midlands.

    Must admit of i'm not a fan of IT contracting, it just pays really well and something i've always been good at. As soon as you leave 1 contract you can pretty much walk into another one, as you know. In terms of flexibility tbh yea your right, a job doesnt get more flexible and i spose that can only be a good thing in the TA.

    Do most of the people in the TA come from the regs?
  12. No, very few are ex-Reg but the numbers eem to be creeping up.
  13. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    I agree exactly
  14. Would you look at this the same way for people who want to become officers?
  15. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    What was the quote?

    Anyone that wants to become an officer shouldn't?