I’m a student again and have a sponsor for TA officer training. Would it be worth joining OTC as it all fits my timetable?
Yes and no to UOTC, Firstly Yes it is a real laugh with some mil training and AT thrown in and suits your time table, but is weak on the officer training, consider that you will be joining a group of people between 18 and 23ish who are on the whole not serious about anything other than partying.

If you join a TA Unit and take the TAPO course then you will be with a very varied group of people and do a more Officer training.

If you have never done anything with the army then I would recommend OTC as you have only one chance to do OTC as a bod, and can carry on with the TA afterwards.

If you are a Trained TA soldier and want to do Mod 2 with lots of fun thrown in then go OTC.

The choice is yours.

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