Just trying to figure out which would give me the most benefit. Whatever I choose to go for, ill give 100%. However, would I get more out of the TA than the OTC, simply because it is part of the army, or would OTC still give me the opportunity to develop leadership skills, fitness and general knowledge? Reason being, im hoping to join the forces after uni (the RMs) so what should I go for?

I may also go for the RMR in a years time or so, and then join the Marines proper after uni, but want to do something else first while I get my fitness to a higer level.

Any info would be much appreciated.

(Ive put a similar post on the OTC forum, but I want to here from TA and RMR blokes and blokettes to balance the argument).
TA mate, OTC is ok for shagging and drinking, oh wait one so's the TA and you get skills! But u might get called up.
Both would seem to have good and bad points for you , as a student.
BUT, like Hogspawn said, good chance of being mobilised in the TA,even though as a full time student you can get a deferment.
All phys in the TA is pretty much down to personal motivation, not really much time on a drill night for PT, although that varies from unit to unit.
If you go the TA route and eventually get commissioned, at least you'll be able to say that you could read maps once.
They are completely different.

As an ex OTC person, and I doubt that it's changed much, the OTC is designed to give an insight into miltary life as an Officer without any commitments (either way). You don't have soldiers to worry about, nor do you have to be able to 'lead'. It's a goldfish bowl experience that is intended to flesh out those that might make the grade one day.

As for the TA, there are soldiers relying on you with all of the consequent issues, the requirement to commit your spare time, be self motivated, set an example, lead, and train to achieve (not just 'experience'). Adventurous trg is a 'nice to have' (rather than a staple diet) and it's the beginning of something rather than a three year cul de sac.

Personally, given that life at university is challenging enough, I would stick with the OTC because it's designed around term dates - you can do as much as you like when you like and you'll get a good insight into basic military skills which will always stand you in good stead in the future. Life's too short already so make hay while you can.

Stab has hit the nail squarely on the head.

You're the only person who knows what you want to get out of it, but Stab's advice should be the one to take on what you should be aware you would be required to put in in terms of commitment.

If you are planning to go regular when you graduate, I'd recommend the OTC line. Have fun, enjoy the experiences and make the best of your time as a student. Even if you choose to go TA, time spent at OTC is not a complete waste (unlike what some people will tell you). Most of the training time is spent cultivating low-level leadership in one way or another, and although it takes a while to learn how to apply it effectively in the (very different) normal TA environment, the lessons learned are beneficial. You will also find that when you transfer all the basic skills you have learnt are directly transferable: the drills on the rifle are the same, marksmanship, map reading, knowledge of section and platoon battle drills etc etc etc.

Enjoy university. I firmly believe that the OTC is good avenue to follow, whatever you plan to do on graduation.
Thing is the ULOTC has a bad habit of usinmg any excuse on the planet to get rid of you in the first few days, mainly due to about 3000 students chasing circa 400 places. I haven't heard of an overstuffed TA unit in London, though someone here might mention one.
Could it be that with London having such a high immigrant population, there are less people eligible to join the TA than you might imagine?
Like most people here I have seen both thos via OTC and TA comissioning routes and I know which I am more likely to trust looking after the interests of the soldiers they command, not the one who has had to lead similar groups of intellectual equals who do not have to return to work on Monday and have lots of time available to catch up with sleep, fitness, drinking etc. Plus the added credebility of being able to genuinly say to your soldiers that you had done their job when you were serving as a rifleman.

Negative of TA infantry - less chicks to look at.
Three years in the OTC, you'll have done the seven questions to death and maybe even some MK, but you will not have had any responsibility in a leadership role, probably not even commissioned. You might have lost your cherry. Up in Scotland you will have a fourth year which can become a bit of a wilderness experience - everyone now knows you are OTC and you can't even buy sex.

Three years in the TA, you should have had at least one trip abroad per year, been on more courses than you can imagine and fired most weapons known to man. You will either be looking at a second tape or a second pip. You have knowledge of sex in three different languages and two different species. You will have had plenty experience of leadership and, as a student, an entirely optional operational tour.

Neither option gives you any form of discount at Sandhurst, but one pays more money and gives you more experience on the way.
I’m ex OTC and now in the TA and although I think stab has pretty much got it right i would differ slightly in that I would recommend the TA. Personally I regret not doing it from the start.

OTC is great and if you want experience, fun and great mates then that they way to go especially if your considering doing RMR after one year.

However if your serious about military life and are willing to make the commitment for your three years at Uni then I would say go TA. You'll meet great people, the sort you never would at Uni, and do all the proper training and some tidy exercises. As I was looking more for the military side of things rather than the social side then TA was the better option and am enjoying it no end now (not knocking the TA social side at all, just that they do proper training with it too). After three years at Uni you'll have achieved a lot in the TA especially as a student with so much time on your hands to do courses and the like. You can then knock it on the head and join the marines with 3 good years of training and experience behind you.

You can’t really make a bad decision, you're guaranteed fun either way and the Marines won’t care much for your previous anyway, not when they've got you down on the bottom field!!
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