TA or not TA?

Hi Guys,
Last time I posted on here was when I was going for the PARA Insight course which went well by the way apart from a few scousers acting the bollocks and ending up with us getting dragged out of our beds and beasted on regular intervals during our nights there. One thing that definitley hit home is that i aint as fit as i thought i was!! :( i definitely recommend it to anyone considering signing up no matter which reg you are interested in.

I'm thinking of joining 4Para now along with their current ads for people to volunteer for operations in 2008 But also the Irish guards interest me. then hopefully i will sign up full-time in mid-2008 hoping that the time with the TA will get me fit quicker and easier than doing it on my own.

so should i a) Join 4Para
b) Irish Guards TA
c) leave it and wait to go full-time

Also i am changing job in the next few weeks from working in the NHS, i am off to join the security officers at Heathrow. So i dont know how flexible these guys will be with giving me time off. Anyone got any pointers or advice on getting the time off to attend training ?

Also it has been suggested to be that if i ask for less hours and go part-time i would have better chance to have my shifts worked around the TA. Any idea how much i would be getting monthly from the TA to see if it would be worth it ?

Any other advice would be great guys.

Also has everyone checked out the new videos on armyjobs.mod.uk website. I thought they were great.

Thanks Again




Read any of the numerous other threads about TA while waiting to join the regular army. Advice varies between do it to get an insight to feck off and get lashed/shag dirty hoors before you start getting beasted.

4 Para will certainly get you fit and is a good start point for service in the regs.

Good luck on the Irish Guards TA. Done much research into them then?
Rory_85 said:
so should i a) Join 4Para
b) Irish Guards TA c) leave it and wait to go full-time
My bold No such thing mate, well done for realising you need to get fitter and trying to find the best way to go about it, if nothing else joining the TA would give you more of an idea what you want to do in the regs and also get you fit. As for 4 Para im sure of the posters on here can give you more of an insight.

Edited to add The_duke beat me to it
yup , my bad !!! was just after looking into the Irish Guards when i posted that. I meant the London Irish Rifles, D Company part of the London Regiment. I will check out the other posts. While im on here anyone worked at heathrow before ?!? lol Also would be interested to hear from anyone in 4Para
4 Para, ask The Duke.

If he doesnt know the answer then you prob will never get the right one. (about 4 para that is, he is full of poo on other subjects like music and sports! :mrgreen: )



For the sake of every other Arrser's sanity, read all of the other 4 Para threads and browse www.4para.com. It will save me having to retype everything again, and boring the arrse off everyone who is not interested in 4 Para.

After that, if you have any questions feel free to PM me.


PS Can't help on the Heathrow front.
Any London Irish lads on here want to comment?


Are there any blokes left in the company at all?
Becoming a security guard at BAA is the quickest way to get unfit!!
Seriously BAA are quite a good employer so should be no problems getting time off.
If your based in London why not join the borg collective, I mean The Rifles.
If you like the infantry then you can join the reg Paras, or Irish guards later.
Just a warning as regards pay in the TA, it can take you a good few months to get through the recruit phase and tot up a worthwhile number of training days. It took me 6 months before I got paid, and it can take longer, although with the new JPA system then who knows....
Personally I wouldn't look to working part time for the first 6 months for financial reasons, unless the 4para selection demands commit you fully from the off.
Don't be put off though, it's all good experience, esp. if your looking to join the regulars.
Rory im afraid to tell you the micks don't hav a TA sister reg

however i would go straight into the micks (irish guards) after training go for p company guards para i hav a few mates goin for after there next tour that would be your best bet


Why join one regiment with the specific intention of going to another one?

Look at them both and then make the choice about which is best for you. You may change your mind and want to transfer later, but you should at least start where you feel you will be happiest.
mate.. i done security for a while and trying to get time off for ta was a complete nightmare. maybe it was just my boss not being ta friendly. had to change jobs and am able to commit to nearly all duties/piss ups etc
Lemonsuckas is quite correct, especially if you are on a shift pattern.

UNLESS! You have an ex-mob manager who will do his best to accomodate you. But it can be a double edged sword if said ex-mob manager turns out to be as anti-STAB as a human can be.

I had both in the past.
lemonsuckas said:
mate.. i done security for a while and trying to get time off for ta was a complete nightmare. maybe it was just my boss not being ta friendly. had to change jobs and am able to commit to nearly all duties/urine ups etc

did you not cosult your boss about the ta before you joined or if you where already in civi employment did you not the him know about the ta ive been in for three and a half years now and in employer is 100% for the ta let me out early if need time not a drama ect.....

when i told them about my unit deploying thay were all for it
I did Glenzo; I was already in when I changed jobs and went into Security.

Thing with security companies is they will tell you whatever you want to hear to get your arrse on a seat somewhere in their uniform. Then when you raise the point, the local manager/supervisor etc will tell you that that site cannot accomodate your needs, or will say some crap about being flexible but not able to accomodate everything, if anything at all...
glenzo7661 said:
Rory im afraid to tell you the micks don't hav a TA sister reg
As has been mentioned above the youth means D ( London Irish ) Company The London Regiment.

They are part of the GYAAARDS! Division, have GYAAARDS! PSIs and wear the GYAAARDS! TRF.

So, nerr.
How much you'll earn from being in the TA depends on how much time you put in. Sounds obvious, but it doesn't just depend on you. If your face doesn't fit, don't expect to get the call ins. Ingratiate yourself to all and sundry, and you'll get called in every weekend.
Joining the regs straight off is the best. You can concentrate on being a soldier full time and you will know how much pay you will be getting. Also anyone in charge of you will be a real soldier too not some lardass whose civvy job is a roadsweeper and can't pass their CFT.

Good luck

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