TA or not TA ????

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Lizardo, Nov 6, 2006.

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  1. Im thinking of joining the TA but not sure of the terms and conditions etc you sign up for, and will it sort my stupid bloody craving for Army bullshit ?As a reg always had low oppinion of TA and a stint as a reservist in kosovo didnt really change it. However Im pretty sure TA isnt that bad and I was suffering from regular superiority complex issues!
  2. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Go along to your local TAC and have a look - worth more than 1,000 posts on here, I'm afraid!

    And the best way to see what they are like - stay on after for the Bar; you'd be astonished how a Unit's morale and all-round usefulness can be worked out by watching people having a drink after last parade.
  3. Treading thin ice with the missus here though, have two ankle biters so need to be able to assure her that I wont be off to sunnier climes the minute I sign up ( did a bit of private work last year that sort of put her off all things military)
  4. suck it and see, but don't walk through the door thinking your the new messiah - you'd might find out your not that good! 8)
  5. no worries on that front mate never been under any illusions in fact every course I ever attended was told i was shite etc etc ( ahh junior breacon those where the days !! )
  6. be prepared for a totally different military environment as well. The typical TA unit has it's troops all (almost all) on first name terms, officers included. It can initially be a strange beast to understand. They also tend to go out on the p!ss with each other, privates on the lash with majors and captains is another strange beast to grasp.
  7. You won't know until you try - most regrets are things you have never done! Go with an open mind and your wallet most TAC's have an in house bar - usually where most of the work gets done :)

  8. if you want a 'less threat of call-up type unit' to please the missus, try the Royal Aux. Air Force website below.
    (warning, you can still be mobalised in the 'Oggies' mind you)

    RauxAF recruitment website

    click on the RAF Stations to see what Auxillary Sqns they have & what trades, roles & specialisations they do.
    You may have a unit near to you that may offer more advantages, travel & challenges than the TA.
    Not trying to knock the TA, but keep an open mind about your options mate. I was in TA Infantry, before going to the Crabs, so feel I can comment.
    What ever you decide thou, good luck with it.

  9. As much as I hate to agree...I must...less getting F@cked about and treated like a real person...,well you remember you had issues with the TA when you were Reg.....Try the other end...and if you have two nippers...not a good time...Regts are on two year turnaround at the Moment...and I know its for Vol's only...till your next CR comes in!....try not to do tours and see where your promotion goes... 8O

    ah well...all the best with the choice :wink:

    (Anyway got to be nice to the RAF Regt we just got attached to them for a tour....)

    Honest Queens Colour Sqdn yer drills braw!

  10. psst, not all oggies are part-time RAF Regt Gunners (said in wisped tones 8O )

    they have drivers, suppliers, movers, Int & PR office shinney people, admin (more shinney's!), Coppers, ...... oh & a few RAF Regt Gunners (!) & probably several others trades that don't spring to mind.
  11. Give it shot, head in on what ever night it is. These days you'll have a form to fill and be told when recriuting night is. If you havn't been out that long you can avoid most of the bull of weekends and CIC, but that depends on you local unit OC.

    Most deployments are volentary at the moment, with the infantry any way (but why would you do anything else). Yes things are a bit different, although I am most certainly not on first name terms with the serniors/officers (can't even spell it), they are Sir or Boss.

    The more experianced blokes in a unit the better prepered the guys are when they do go on ops. Thats the differnece between now and then. Most of the TA has deployed now, so there is a wealth of experiance, so the overall quality goes up.

    As for the misses, tell her about the tax free bounty starting at £350 going up to £1,500 after five years. That should soften the blow.