TA or erm.... RAFRR?

I plan on joining the TA next year. But the recruitment chappy I spoke to yesterday thinks I should join the RAF Reserve Regiment instead. I grew up in an army town with army prejudices, so this was a bit like requesting to join the Foreign Legion and being offered an application form for the WI. Looking at the website the RAFRR looks like it's pitching itself as rehab for burnt out execs or city boys who've dropped the ball.

His rationale was that, given that I have language and tech skills and professional qualifications, I would be more likely to be deployed doing something interesting/intelligence-related much more quickly in the RAF, and given my age (pushing forty when I join) there's much more scope for progression/promotion than there would be in the TA.

Is this really the case?
Depends where you live and what your aspirations are. RAF reserves have a lot of specialist Squadrons and flights. If you want to do 'intelligent' things, then most of those type of units are at Waddington, or at 600 Squadron. If you want comms then Northolt, if you want RAF Regiment, well they are all over the place.
Thanks:). I live in London. I'm likely to go for comms, I think, but not entirely sure. I have a lot more research to do, really, which is one of my main reasons for lurking on here.

It's a very recent decision for me to do this - it's something I've always wanted to do but couldn't because of my main job - but that's changed recently. I was dead set on the TA and was a bit thrown to have someone try and talk me into a different route with my first enquiry.
If you live in London then MI may be the answer. 3 MI is based down here and so are a bunch of honorary northerners from 5 MI who would be very happy to meet another linguist. Your background would not be at all out of the ordinary. And as for the more likely to be deployed bit, he was talking arrse - although to be fair, it may well apply for other bits of the TA.

Not that there's anything wrong with the RAF you understand, it's just that to do the same in blue you'd need to go to Lincolnshire an awful lot.
No you don't have to go to Lincolnshire, only for some training. RAF Northolt have their very own auxilliary squirrels

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