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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by STUMANN73, Nov 15, 2005.

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  1. Hi all.

    Im a 32 year old man and wanting a new challange in life. Instead of being a boring sales asistant. Im considering joining the Ta. Could anyone give me any advice and what is the armys opinion on the Ta. A few guys i work with used to be in the army and they said they hated people fron the ta. What is the best thing to do within the ta. What ahpeens in the ta also..Many thanks Stu
  2. msr

    msr LE

  3. Age wise you should be fine. Like MSR said, pop down to your local TAC and have a chat.
  4. At my local unit 28 engrs in Hameln . my troop of of T. a , ( 412 ) , have got the respect from the reg´s ; took a long to drill it in there thick skulls and a few are still sceptic . but on the whole we get along fine . Till we put a hole in one of there rig`s ;)
  5. Some TA hate the reg's too, both can be as bad as each other for sh1te drills and being bell ends......mainly the regulars in the later.

    The Army's opinion of the TA? the TA is army, if you mean the big bad regular soldiers then depends who you speak too, TA have earned respect from the reg's over the years because of what we do, how we do it and how we've performed in Iraq, Afghan and other theatres....how can somebody hate the TA and the thousands of guys in it when they've never met everyone?

    The guys you work with must be young and naive and better off out of the Army......or old and stupid....and better off out....

    As for the rest, as has been said, go down your local unit or the websites....:)
  6. Your right, the guy i work with is old and stupid.i know this may sound daft but what do you do on a week night then on weekends? Im going tonight to sign up
  7. msr

    msr LE

    It very depends on the unit you join. That's whay it is best to go and ask them directly.

    Let us know what your reception was like at the TAC.

  8. On a Tuesday we maintain our vehicles, clean weapons, practice our trade and military skills, on a weekend we train. Either in feildcraft or trade. It really depends on which unit you join.
    Pay no attention to anyone who says they hate the TA, people like that generally know very little about us and probably feel a little threatened by a TA Pte who earns the same amount of money as a reg captain :D
  9. It varies mate of a drill night and alot depends on your unit, from lessons in Map Reading, Harbour drills to PT to weapon handling to Foot Drill, and of a weekend, again it depends on the unit you join. I'm infantry so it will usualy be out in the field, maybe doing lessons on various subjects out there from judging distance, to section attacks to Ambush drills....General stuff an Infantier should know and practise....Hope that helps a bit mate but it is better to go down tonight (which you are) and speak to the recruit team...;)
  10. I'm usually fairly good at spotting wind-ups and this looks like one.

    Stumann73, phone the TA Centre before you go to check when the drill night is. It may not be tonight.

    If you get into the TA, you will still be a boring sales assistant. To be honest, you stand a better chance of entry if you come across as bored rather than boring.

    The TA trains one evening per week, at weekends and for a 15 day Annual Camp. I presume that as a boring sales assistant, you will work weekends. Can you afford the commitment?

    You're not by any chance one of the "few guys i work with used to be in the army and they said they hated people fron the ta" are you?
  11. Ive already contacted the ta and i got a letter this morning inviting me there tonight.

    I know i will still be a bored sales asistant. But at least i will be doing something else aswell. I have got the time and commitment. The reason i want to join is to give me a new option in life and do something my kids will be proud of. And if u work at IKEA i may be one of those guys..!!!
  12. 1 more question! When i go tonight and sign up if they will have me! How long is it before i get my uniform?
  13. Which part of the country you in Stu?
  14. Gateshead. May i ask y?
  15. depends get used to hurry up and wait it what makes the army run .if your lucky after a month or so .