TA Open Evening in Leeds

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by picklepot, Oct 13, 2005.

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  1. My Squadron is holding a recruiting event at Carlton Barracks, Leeds on Tuesday 25th October, 7pm to 8.30pm. The Royal Signals and Royal Artillery are both involved.

    Quoting from the posters we’ve been asked to distribute…
    * See different types of military equipment
    * Speak to the soldiers and officers
    * Use the rifle range
    To find out more, meet us at our TA centre, Carlton Barracks, Carlton Gate, Leeds LS7 1HE. Phone 01904 668 649 or visit www.ta.mod.uk.

    If anyone is interested, or you want more information, you are very welcome to PM me. I’ve completed my recruit training and can let you know all the things you've been missing out on.
  2. I think you'll find most people here are already either in the TA or Regulars. 8O
    Good luck on the Night though. :D
  3. Or left Leeds cause they enjoy doing comms
  4. True, but still the best forum I could find. This was where I looked for information before I joined my unit and I gave a lot of thought to the thread title so that it would catch the eye of an interested browser without bothering the majority too much.

    Thanks for the support Sweatysock - will you let me know if you can think of a better place to advertise?
  5. Try LEEDS :wink:
  6. On a serious note: :?
    Outdoor Shops.
    Food Outlets.
    ACF Dets.
    ATC Dets.
    The list is endless.
  7. Ignore these nay'sayers picklepot , best of luck with your recruiting evening, try to keep prospective recruits away from ex inf types who will regail them with tales of 432's and guard duty in Spandau

  8. Get in touch with your local paper and let them know, send them a couple of hi res warry pics and you have a good chance of getting something in there.

    Thousands more people will see the publicity than a month of handing out leaflets. Also, if your local radio station has a 'job slot' see if you cant get them to mention it.

    Journos really arent scary and you should have no problems with them.

    Good luck.
  9. You left out doing proper arty taking out hill sides etc .. none of this cloudpuncher stuff ..... want to do comms go to Sheffield ... want to do proper Arty (mortars) goto Beverly :twisted: :twisted:

    Although I have to admit 269 Bty seem to be very professional and 49 (WR) Sig Sqn have clean trucks.

    Strange 49 Bde have a polar as an emblem ..... any connection Polar69?
  10. If they're really mad for it they could always try their luck with the other occupants of Carlton Barracks.

    No, not the UOTC.
  11. ssssh

    You do mean the artillary don't you ?
  12. 8) According to TA Unit Locations you also have ████████ at Carlton Barracks.
    Funny I've never seen anyone with black tape over the eyes walking into lamp posts! :lol:
  13. must be talking about RNR, haven't they moved there or could you mean 4 PARA in the posh part of town - Pudsey
  14. I'm given to understand the it's actually the URNU who've taken over the Whitehouse, like the UOTC but with boats. Lovely harbour in Leeds.....

    I was thinking of the eclectic collection of students, brickies and plumbers to be found lurking in dark corners of the original drill hall, must admit I've never seen any of them walking into lamp posts, but perhaps I've just never seen them..............
  15. Ah! Thats what the ship was all about when I came of the motorway! Doesn't the Leeds and Liverpool Canal have a berth at the Royal Armouries?