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TA Open Day - Greater London (Sept 28th)

Can anybody who knows tell me what these open days are/entail please?

I get a newsletter now after registering on tothebest.army.mod.uk and this is listed in the upcoming events. As somebody considering joining the TA I thought going along to an open day might be a good thing to do but I can't find any details anywhere as to what they involve. Is it just a case of TA centers opening up for joe public to have a look around and see what you folks do or is it more geared towards potential recruits?

Any info would be appreciated, cheers.
Im also interested in hearing more about this Open Day. I couldnt find anything by googling.

Anti do you have times, location etc etc?
nebapneb said:
does anyone know if this includes the rest of the country or is it just london?
if its national, think i'll be visiting myself :D
From the link I posted from the TA100 website it indicates it as National rather than regional.
That said its probably wise to call the TAC to see if they will be participating.
I will give the one I intend joining a call today.
I called my local TAC and didnt ask about Sunday as they informed me that they will be holding a 'presentation evening' next Tuesday.
Coming back to this a few days late, sorry for not replying.

All I found on the web was what I got in the initial e-mail. It listed events by region and had the following:

South East
28 September
TA Open Day
All TA offices

The same was listed for London and Scotland. I checked some other websites, TA 100, London Scottish (their site seems to be one of the most actively maintained London ones), here, Army Jobs and a general Google search but didn't come up with anything.

I think I'm likely to give it a miss now, but I think it's a real shame this kind of information is available online. The quality of content and updates from one Army related site to the next seems to vary hugely, with most falling more towards the shite side :(
Definitely didn't happen at the Ditton one :( (thought this would be a good time for me to pop in).

I walked all the way there, just to find it all locked up. Didn't know about the Maidstone one in Boxley Road though, there were just too many chavs out and about.

At least I got a phone number....

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