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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar, Sep 21, 2011.

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  1. Even though it is completely obvious to people that I'm in the TA - it isn't on my Linkedin profile or my CV.

    I can understand it for the RFCA Chairman and similar people, though.
  2. If one has completed a tour there would otherwise be a gap in one's resume. It is also probably better to put TA rather than "dole patrol " as well.
  3. I don't have any of my service, reg or TA on my CV because its bloody long enough as it is :(

    However, as I work in the Oil and Gas industry, there are a lot of ex military bods kicking about, so, if during an interview I get a hint that the person has served, I will drop it into the conversation.

    It has most certainly got me a couple of jobs in the past, no doubt about it, but I have also had a few jobs where the boss/HR thought that the military were just thugs, so I kept quiet about my time in the Queens Royal Thuggerys
  4. I know five on the first page...
  5. Same here .... it's now showing my own contacts and isn't as gareth/waltish as it was earlier (and coming from me that must me something :) ).
  6. Possibly.... Looking at a few it could have been done more differently. Some of the regulars on my linkedin tend to put unit supported and post title .... not army and rank. Easier to understand for non mil types?
    Also some of the 'army ego' descriptions tend to be very OTT compared to normal job description, makes the profile questionable. (bit like the dyed blonde with the cuff and collar not matching)
  7. I like this one...

    Current: Officer Cadet at Territorial Army
    Past: Sales Assisstent at Woolworths
    Paper Delivery Boy at Smita Patel

    I never thought of putting my paper round on my LinkedIn profile ;)
  8. Pimp my CV
  9. walkyrie

    walkyrie Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    I don't list it on my LinkedIn, but in the current job market (especially for graduates) its something different.

    When you've got 50 people applying for one graduate position, all of whom went to school, got identical A Levels, an identical degree, and are now desperately applying for a job with no "real life" experience it makes you stand out from the crowd.

    At the very least it says "I joined the TA" [Read: I've done something potentially/vaguely productive] rather than "I was in the Rugby team at Uni and then went travelling" [Read: I spent most weekends drinking pints of piss and then hooked up with a load of LadyBoys in Thailand]
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  10. What he said. I include it at the bottom as a side pot. Never go into too much detail as generally no matter what the army thinks; being in the TA does not help getting a job

    "can you be called up...?"

    Im in O&G too, someone has to keep this economy going ;-). oil and gas is full of ex regs, spot em a mile off
  11. Likewise. It seems we do rather well in this industry.
  12. Last civvy job interview I had it was made very clear that if I decided to return to the TA post FTRS the job offer would evaporate.

    ...in terms of bigging up TA experience for CVs my personal favorite is the clown on the periphery of my last unit who was claiming to have been an Instructor at the US Army School of ...based on a 2 week TA Camp at Yakima.
  13. I think they just assume we will be awesome when a disaster happens

    Whip out our ninja masks and get to work
  14. Corps Property Officer?