TA on JOTAC - some steers (as if you give a ...)

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Strikesure, Oct 27, 2006.

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  1. A couple of points have just surfaced about this one that you may or may not know or give a damn about but this is an all-informed-net so here goes:

    1. The three week course is open to the TA. Ask your TM to bid for it if you have the time. A proto-whaa?.

    2. If you have to pull out at the last minute because the milion pound deal you have nursed through is going belly up then tell them why. I know that this is really nowt of their business but to them they just see this as the TA unable to sort themselves out rather than a pressing contact from the real world.

    3. Be familiar with the component parts of the Armoured Inf BG, their effects (all in MK 1) and blow an concentrated evening on the IPB and the 7Q (again a fairly good example in MK 1). The rest will mostly sort itself out once you arrive.

    4. and bring some coloured pens (good grief I can't believe I've had to say that but the lack of basic staff kit that's been displayed on the course is shite and yes it should be supplied but you should bring some of your own, probably).

    5. There's no trg planned on the second week end - may I recommend Bath or Bristol rather than the delights of anything nearer.

    Incidentally, the quality of TA blokes who've been through have been good and one or two always make it into the best in their syndicates - and bear in mind some of the regulars have done absolutely nadda since bowling up those steps (stagged on in Chelsea or members of the AGC).

    Those who've just finished anything further to add?
  3. And another tip arising from the recent course - learn the weapon ranges for the main big stuff (as if you didn't know them already, but for those of you who've moved on to EOD kit/RE kit and, God forbid, pens and pencils this might be useful):
    All inf section wpns (shooters and rockets)
    Milan and Javlin
    Warrior 30mm and chain gun
    C2 - all types of munitions including co ax
    105 lt gun
    155 very heavy gun

    and you won't stop thanking me for the rest of your military careers.
  4. About the best training I did for JOTAC was on CASTs and BG exercises. Get yourself volunteered for the IO/BGE/RMO/BC roles on a CAST or your local Inf unit's next BG Ex. Its a great help having some frame of reference for the overload of info that you get.

    Make sure that you note the report and dispersal dates for the three week course. These are inclusive of the two weekends so sit back and enjoy the only two weekends paid TA leave of your career!
  5. Pray to which ever god you trust in that you dont get Jaked... Those who are just back should kinow what I mean.........
  6. I've no idea why we gunners allow thes useless pieces of information to be learned by generations of all arms officers. They are patently useless to anyone not involved with the planning, siting and firing of the weapon systems.

    I would be much keener for all to know the lethal/safe splinter distances for their projectiles. That would be more useful and relevant.

    There, gunner rant over.
  7. Another good point from Blythe_Spirit (that's two in two weeks. Are you sure you're a Gunner?).

    I spent 10 minutes on a recent course explaining to a Loggie, Para and Cav group why they shouldn't expect Light Gun to be able to support them at the theoretical maximum range of 17.2 km.

    Like a wraith rising from the mist, non-standard conditions appeared from the depths of my clouded memory, as well as obscure factoids about the percentage of the charge stocks that is Super.

    It would make a bit more sense for them to learn the planning ranges of weapons instead .........
  8. FC - I have your name and any more of that talk undermining the great JOTAC will not be tolerated (p.s. hard luck, though he does know his stuff).

    The ranges thing always causes some angst and quite rightly so. As an end user I don't particularly care how it gets there what I am interested in is the effect (did you see how I did that - slipped in the word effect, good eh?)

    And what's an aide-memoire for if not to aid your memoires.

    However, its a small hurdle to jump and one that'll hardly disadvantage you unless it means that your name slipps out of your short term memory and is replaced bu the MLRS bomblet capabilites thing.
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    Ooh, I feel another page for my e-nirex coming on. BS, can you oblige?