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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by AlabamaHotPocketer, May 31, 2009.

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  1. Of my few friends, one is a storyline writer for Hollyoaks and I'm starting to take umbrage at the portrayal of NW TA recruits & soldiers on this program. Should I launch a huge crusade to sue Channel 4 for hurt feelings or should I kick him in the kn@ckers and make him get the beers in?
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    Might be worth taking a rusty razor-blade to your undercarriage for admitting that you watch Hollyoaks first?

    Unless you are actually a) female or b) twelve, in which case crack on with your viewing.
  3. Why not do both !
  4. So i'm spared the horror of watching it for myself can you list the various crimes/errors on said television program so that the people's outrage committee can make an appropriate judgement?
  5. Never watch Hollyoaks - presumably TA would have been shown after the watershed and included scenes of drinking and random backscuttling. I assume you want to commen about a minor detail such as a cap badge
  6. In brief, there is a lad (can't remember his name) who has just joined the TA. He's as keen as mustard but a bit simple. He appears in his uniform, which is worn incorrectly and in rag order.

    I was hoping that, through our acquaintance, my friend would have the common decency to portray this character as the rugged, firm-but-fair and charismatic individual that he's come accustomed to during our friendship.

    Fortunately, there are no allusions to Corps or trades.
  7. Is this more about your mate portraying what you perceive to be 'you' in a not-so-flattering way than about representing the TA as a whole?
  8. Ummm sounds pretty accurate, though...
  9. Wrong.

    I had the great misfortune to watch some of the omnibus of this Hollybokes today because my mate has just come back from backpacking for the last 6 months, and the spakka TA's brother is apparently a para.

    The last scene I saw on it, was when the Para blerk was trying to get TA lad out of bed with his scally bird for a "5 miles before 0-1100 hrs(sic)", I then had to go and gouge my eyes out with a rusty spoon, stab my mate (I don't care if she's got a sun-tan), put my size 7s through the telly and randomly kill 700 civilians just in case they think it's all real and want to join up.

    Please pass my regards on to your friend.

    Sluggy xxx
  10. Dear Sluggy,

    Maybe, just maybe the lad (Michael Ryan) who is PLAYING the role of the Para, has been instructed by the director to ham it up. I'm sure that if he'd wanted to give a more accurate representation of a Squaddie, he would have asked either of his brothers (ex-Cheshires and RMR).

    It's just a programme for Chav teenage girls so calm down, calm down! :)

  11. Sounds surprisingly accurate to me :D
  12. Errrm, well.

    I am good mates with one of the writers of the aforementioned show. She asked me for some tales of what TA soldiers actually get up to. I (and a few of the lads) went into great detail. Once she had finished being physically sick at some of the story lines we suggested, she said that they probably couldn't use them on the show, as it is pre-watershed.

    I don't watch it myself. What with being a bloke ffs. Any specific comments / complaints, let me know, and I will pass them on on Arrses behalf.