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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by msr, Aug 29, 2005.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

    Saw this morning that a couple of TA bods will be featured on BBC breakfast news this week, charting their progress from the UK to Basra.

    Will anyone able to lay their hands on a copy of the footage?

  2. Good article. Should help with recruiting.

    I note in a quote from the article that, "Captain name..." "...has twenty years experience in the TA". I don't know the Officer but it seems to me that on the Officer side a very high percentage of those mobilised have been LE Officers. Comments?
  3. msr

    msr LE


    Given that the average age of the TA officer is probably now over 40, and that for most in the TA the top rank is major, I believe that things may not always be what they seem.

    From my current experience, most are DE.

  4. Phrased badly on my part msr. As you know I am in a position to obtain chapter and verse on the rank split being mobilised (not something I would post here obviously). I was really angling at what the TA soldiers being mobilised would prefer, a young thruster like your good self or a time-served veteran who's been around the block a few times?
  5. msr

    msr LE


    Very much depends on the role. I heard of a certain unit whose officers were volunteering them for so many jobs, they had to send someone out from the UK to tell them to calm down before the blokes were run into the ground.

    On the staff side, I think that the keen, enthusiastic SO3 with the older, wiser SO2 is a good combo.

  6. Also thought the RGJ officer was an LE....

    But also thought the RGJ mortar guy may also be a member of this site (are Londons doing the sand pit this time)?
  7. I thought they were from the RRV.. someone told me they were due to go this year so I assumed it was them. Let's not forget not all RGJ were sent to the Londons.
  8. Nooooooo, ur telling me there's more of them out there.

    Although they did make a good runner up to the numero uno Fire Support Bn.
  9. They are rrv , as a member of the rrv I might know them but as heavy cant expect me to say anything nice about our green jacket brethren :)

  10. In my experience, young subbies take all the jobs going for their men and usually find themselves unable to say "No My guys Need A Rest". There should be A mix of Old 'been There Done That' officers. to keep the young scallywags in order.
  11. I wish them good luck! But how good can they be on a pitiful 28 days a year training? Many TA soldiers were in nationalised or state job employment and could get time off in the 1980's I was. No longer the case for very many.
    We also got 70 annual training days day's in the 1980's, some blokes even did 100 if they were mad keen.
    Also you Arab's did not even know 873 R.E. (DEATH RAY SQN) Horn Lane, Acton were TA in Germany in 1989, as most were all fit (except the snco's) had nice short hair and were multi ethnic ( we had northerners paddies and porridge wogs in our mob) as well as all us Londoners. AND I STILL MISS THE T.A.THEY WERE GOOD YEARS WITH A GOOD BUNCH OF BLOKES!

    Oz still crazy after all these years
  12. msr

    msr LE

    They are doing very well in the sandpit. Recently they were
    asked for volunteers for a multiple to travel north, needed 4 got 78!

    Consistently cheerful and helpful (not easy considering the job they do), they've done the TA proud.

  13. who is this mob cos they said they where from south england the only lot i know down there are 3 pwrr
  14. RRV. Like it says on the first page.