TA on BANNER/ NI Tours

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by The_Cheat, Aug 9, 2006.

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  1. Can the TA get out to NI? I've heard mised reports and no one at my TAC could really help. Would I have to get an attachement to a Resident NI bat.?

    T C
  2. Seriously, why?? Ask serving Black Watch or Cheshires in the Inf forum, but they'll tell you they do f*ck all. There's nothing happening here.
  3. Just want to do somthing! My Bde HQ has had my name "on the list" for 9 months now and not a sniff of anythnig like a tour, and I fancy a change of pace from my Civi job.

    T C
  4. Why not phone Chilwell and go out to Telic/Herrick as an IR, or at least go for an S Type Engagement with a regular battalion?
  5. Why the fcuk would you want to do OP Banner? the name next year for it is changing to OP Boring and I believe they are removing the medal entitlement shortly (I'm sure a boffin can clarify that one for me)
    I work in the lovely little hamlet of Newry :) and pop into the mill just down the road for a wee brew and a chat with the guys stagging on, believe me most of those guys hate coming here now.

  6. FAB Baby has the right idea - don't do it.

    Go to Herrick or Telic.
  7. Op BANNER is ending in Jul 07, and many of the various benefits that went with are going too.

    - Personnel in SLA will start to pay accommodation charges and the food charge.
    - Personnel in SFA will pay appropriate accommodation charges, as elsewhere, and will cease to receive NI Compensatory Food Allowance (NICFA).
    - All personnel will start to pay (CILOCT) as levied in GB and elsewhere.
    - No more Operational Telephone Allowance, welfare entertainment, free e-blueys or operational medals.
    - The automatic grant of involuntary separated status will end.
    - Northern Ireland Resident Supplement (NIRS) will be retained. Note that the rate is to be reviewed, so expect it to be reduced.
    - NI Journeys will be retained for the time being. This is likely to cease and be replaced by GYH allowance as elsewhere.
  8. I went to NI after being on exercise with our 2nd Bn in belize, they mentioned they were deploying and a asked if there was anyway i could deploy with them, they sorted the appropriate paperwork (S-type engagement) and after a medical at pirbright i deployed with them, I had to sign for a years regular service and thoroughly enjoyed it, the problems started when my year came to an end, I had to get to my t.a centre on the day my s-type finished in order to sign back up without a break in service, and my pay took a whole year to finally sort itself out!, I don't recommend the admin headache you'll invariabley suffer.

  9. Correct. MOD has always been careful to ensure that there is no real or perceived TA involvement in NI. The TA continued in the conventional cold war role throughout the troubles and was generally (though not always) left alone. Therefore the only way to do a tour in NI is generally on an S type. However, you are about 15 years too late; as commented above, OP BANNER ends officially in August.
  10. I smell a gong-hunter!
  11. If you are from SW London then you are probaly in the London Reg and they are going to Afghanistan soon - why are you not interested in serving with your mates?
  12. Not with the Londons, and tried to get to Afghan with them any way. I'm a CMT 2 so my employment options are limited. Same story with Telic. I'm really just looking to get on any kind of Op as now is a really good time for me to deploy.

    T C
  13. Well NI isn't an op anymore is it?
  14. I think it was in Aug 06 when I asked...

    T C