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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Dr_Evil, Jul 15, 2004.

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  1. I am currently whiling away these long summer evenings after Mini-Me has gone to bed by writing what I expect will become a classic. Its working title is "Follow That Guy!" - Dr Evil's Secrets of TA Leadership.

    The thing is, though, that I am pretty busy at the moment with Evil Plans and being megalomaniacally in charge of lots of Important Stuff. So I need help to spur the book on.

    Here is how far I have got:

    Anyone care to carry on from there?

    Come on! Throw me a frikkin bone here!
  2. Reading your quote, I thought that sort of attitude was taught to you at RMAS!
  3. Make sure you mention all the other ways that you can sideline the boys.

    And dont forget the final piece of advice

  4. And the truth shall set you free .as a meer or i have witnessed this again and again thank you Dr evil for your wise words may I apply for a postion of hench man as I a world with a man of vison such as yourself in charge would be worth dying in a pointless way :lol:
  5. I am recruiting henchmen at the moment, as it happens.

    The plan is, we operate within my unit's structure - for now. Then, when the time is right, we strike.

    I can offer you:

    1. A glamorous uniform. Like an Italian policeman's, only shinier.
    2. Babysitting opportunities with Mini-Me.
    3. The chance to make it to No.5 or No.4, according to merit.
    4. Free porn. I have an account.


    Hey - I need more contributions to my leadership book. Come on, there must be more TA officer antics you have witnessed ...
  6. Kel

    Kel Old-Salt

    Bloody 'ell, thought that was the preserve of trumpton. :wink:
  7. Sorry Dr Evil, major (sic) problem with your cunning plan. If you are keeping all activity within your units structure, that means you are in uniform & therefore subject to QRs. You therefore cannot strike, its illegal. You may have to change your plan to wimpering a bit & kicking someone while they're not looking!
  8. Mini-Me is abed and I have had a few glasses of Vino Dictatorio. This has helped the creative juices to flow. So I have a bit to add to my masterpiece.

    I think this is coming along rather well, no?
  9. Sign me up anythings got to be better than match 9 training
    Another tip Suggest post op talk to coy and head shed get some of your blokes to do presentations but drop it on them at last moment
    and keep control of laptop /projector so if anyof the blokes presentations
    look any good you can sabotage them . So appearing democratic and confident at same time .
  10. ...or task last minute presentations/lessons so that they have to be given off the cuff with no decent 'training aids' or even a quick revision on the subject matter.