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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by spearhead, Sep 30, 2006.

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  1. Alright guys,

    Need some help here and would like to draw any experience you may have. I am 28 years old and currently a Pte in the Infantry and am in the process of transeferring to 4 PARA where I will undergo some initial recruit training again. I was looking forward to possibly going on an Op as a Tom and then hopefully applying for officer training.

    I assumed this would not be a problem. However, I have just read that Infantry officers should have completed their training by 30. Not sure that I have time to complete this even if I started officer training in a few months let alone after a future tour!

    How flexible is this age limit and does anyone know of any officers who have completed training beyond 30? I would like to think that potential and ability would be the key factor and not just age (especially with the introduction of these new laws to help old gits like myself).

    Any advice or experience appreciated..
  2. Thanks for that, but this only states what I had previously read that the maximum age limit on completion should be 30 (except for late entry officers and I don't want to go down that route).

    Surely there must be some flexibility to the 'advertised age'. I remember when I was on CIC our company commander was encouraging a bloke of 32 to apply for officer training. Although he was 32 he was highly intelligent, suberbly fit and had obvious leadership potential. I can understand when an applicant is considerably older than 30 (though these days in the TA older soldiers are often embarrassingly fitter than the young ones). However, why would the TA refuse a potentially good officer when it has a shortage of them just for the sake of a few years? Particurly when in the TA older officer applicants can bring previous leadership experience and maturity from their civilian careers.

    Any answers on a post..
  3. From TA Cell at RMAS dated end Sept 06:

    RMAS will accept OCdts onto Module 4 of the TA Commissioning Course up to age 35 provided all entry criteria have been met. They are also prepared to consider applicants older than age 35 on a case by case basis.
  4. It very much depends on the unit.

    I know of several who are getting very reluctant to commission post about 27 years old despite what the regulations say about eligability. They justify this on the basis of how long initial officer training takes these days and on their assumption that once you commission you should be looking to get promoted further and will therefore go away on yet more courses so they won't see that much of you.

    Arrse in my opinon but that's what I'm seeing. I even had one TA CO say that he wouldn't accept anyone over 23 to start officer training - a balatant nonesense in my view particularly as I also know one or two TA solidiers who have gone to regular RMAS at 27ish and then into the infantry, but that was his line .
  5. I believe the document does include some info about the flexibility, especially by unit e.g. media ops. If not, there is a previous thread which spawned it which will tell you about that. Haven't enough time to look it up for you though, sorry.
  6. To a degree this is correct but the authority for selecting TAPOs for PO training is the Army Officer Selection Board which does what it says on the tin i.e. selects potential officers. RMAS then trains and commissions those selected for training.

    Some Units may have age policies which they chose to enforce but the age limits are set by TA Regulations and RMAS.

    The average age of TA officers on commissioning is 27. The average age of officer being commissioned into the UOTC is 21 but 60% of those end up in the Regular Army whilst nobody can tell how few of them actually transfer to the TA on completing their studies.
  7. I was recommended for commission (Infantry) at 32. It is down to your unit.
  8. This is probably the best place to put this:

    DIN200602-229: The introduction of the new TA Officer Career evelopment (TA OCD) with associated Length of Service (LTOS) based terms of service for TA Gp A officers.

    Quite a long quote follows, but not the whole do (too big):

  9. Hijacking this thread but hey ho. Does anyone else find that the introduction of LTOS will mean that they can promote earlier? I can (not just gloating btw). But this is not referred to at all in any of documentation I have seen! I dont know whether this means that I just have to wait till 34 under the ATOS and then transfer to LTOS, or if I can be eligibel to promote early. I have sought advice from Officers section of TA & Res MCM Div as both Unit G1 Staff and Bde MS admit they only know what is in the bumf so far ie the din and briefing notes.

    Is anyone else like this?
  10. You can apply in writing to your unit to transfer to LTOS on 1 Apr 07 rather than waiting to be promoted under ATOS (ATOS will continue to apply to you until you are promoted under the ATOS rules at which time you will move to LTOS automatically), at which time, if you have sufficient number of reports under your belt (and the right qualifications) you will be eligible for substantive promotion to the next rank.

    From what you are saying I think you would be best to write to your unit (CO) and request a transfer to LTOS.