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Discussion in 'Officers' started by Harry515, Jun 30, 2008.

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  1. hello, I am going to University in a couple of years and was hoping to join the regular army afterwards...before hand i hoped to get experience about the army by joining the TA as an officer, to see if it really was for me. If i do enjoy the lifestyle is possible to go straight to being a regular army offier with out re-doing AOSB etc.?
  2. Sort of. You'll still have to do the regular (44wk) sandhurst course though; you can't just switch a TA commission to a regular commission. (actually IIRC there is a process whereby you can do this but from what i remember you're better off just doing the 44wks)

    AFAIK if you pass your AOSB whilst at uni it should still be in date by the time you finish so you shouldn't have to do it again when it comes to going reg.

    Edited to add - you'll have to make sure that you do the regular AOSB when you're in the TA for the above to be valid BTW. There are two...
  3. Harry

    If you are genuinely looking for experience of the Army while at University, then I would suggest you consider a University Officer Training Corp (UOTC) or join a TA unit local to your university.

    Alternatively if you are really keen you could try for a Bursary, I understand that Cadetships are no longer available.

    Which establishments are you applying to?

  4. One of the officers in our unit has just transferred. She was told that if she wanted to go over in trade (she's a Physio) then she'd just need an interview (plus some other admin type stuff) as she's already done AOSB and a four week TAPQO course, but as she wanted to join Royal Artillery post RMAS, she's had to repeat AOSB and is now in first term at the Factory.

    The interview option probably only existed as she was a Professionally Qualified Officer looking at an identical regular PQO slot. If you do anything else you'll have to go through AOSB (again!) and the full 44wk RMAS course as far as I know.
  5. Harry,

    The University Officer Training Corps is part of the TA and is designed to give students a good look at different parts of the Army whilst at university to allow them to make a reasonable decision as to whether or not to join.

    Whilst you are at University in the OTC you can work towards obtaining a TAQ commision in the OTC. Depending on how you apply yourself to tarining this is certainly achievable by the end of second year. You can then spend a year in the OTC as a TA 2 Lt in your third year. The OTC training syllabus now is purspose designed to get those who want to a TA commission in their third year.

    If you wanted to you could get attached to a local TA unit under the TA Sponsored Officer Scheme (TASO) to see what that particular unit did.

    Meanwhile you can apply to do AOSB. If you pass the Regular AOSB it will qualify you for a TA commission and you will also have a place on the Regular Commissioning Course to take up any time within the five (check this it might be longer) years after you pass.

    If you know you are committed to joining the Army you can also apply for a Bursary.

    If you join the OTC at university you will be able to sit down with the unit admin officer or someone similar and go through all this, they are well used to it and have all the info.

    Alternately you can chat to your local Army Officer Careers Adviser who will also be able to give you good info.

    You could alternately join a local TA unit. There are many posts on here talking about the advantages / disadvanatages of this over joining the OTC. Suffice it to say the OTC is purpose designed to give university stsudents a look at Army life, and have a good time.

    PM me for more info if you want.
  6. Harry

    Having done both courses (saddo) I have been in a similar situation as you. I did my time on the OTC, did two years as a TA Officer then attended the regular course. My advice to you is to join the OTC/TA but make the most of your time at university - the TA course is fine if that is what you want to carry on doing post-degree, other than that it will give you an insight to the regular course. TA/OTC should give you a good insight into the military especially if you can get some attachments over the holidays. Your AFCO/Army Liaison Officer/PSI should be able to help in jacking these up.

    FINALLY - visit as many as you can before Sandbags - there is just not enough time on the course to do that many visits and you want to go armed with an imformed opinion of the sort of cap badge you would be looking to join.

    Good luck!
  7. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Just to add that this isn't true (as the posters "IIRC" mentions). I wouldn't want to come down on one side or another as to the merits. I can see the + of skipping a 44 week course, on the other hand, I can see the - too.
  8. I know of 2 officers who have transferred directly from TA to Regs however I know that at least one of those had deployed on op tours and served a considerable amount of time alongside regs. If you are doing OTC/TA then just do the proper course to become a regular officer. OTC is not a replacement for the Reg CC. TA commissioning is normally not a replacement for reg CC.
  9. I also know of one Major who went from TA to Regs without going back to Sandhurst, but he had done loads of years on S Types, Mobilised and on FTRS.

    His biggest claim to fame was that he had failed RCB after completing an S Type in Northern Ireland as a Platoon Commander!
  10. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    FWIW, RCB appears to me to be looking for young maleable potential managers. Not people that know what they are doing. I am sure someone can correct me if I am wrong but:

    RCB Command Task: Build a bridge
    PO works well with team and motivates - 3 points
    PO works OK with team and motivates OK - 2 points
    PO doesnt lead team but motivates OK or vice versa - 1 point


    PO succeeds - 3 points
    PO fails - 1 point

    So Clark Kent, SAS types and RE PO's that can build bridges are screwed unless they can 'motivate' and demonstrate 'team work'. Nobody gives a flying fack if they actually build the bridge as they were asked...

    Thats why not everyone does RCB..
  11. Not disagreeing with your sentiment, but I think it is more stark than that.

    RCB/AOSB selects people with a view to their potential success at officer training. RMAS trains people to fulfill their first appointment on or off operations. Ph2 trg prepares them to some degree for their warfighting role. Within 18 months of commissioning all that has been used up and On The Job Training is the order of the day. Very few officer Ph 3 courses are relevant to their current operational role and in my opinion are in danger of being further weakened by trying to become relevant without appropriate resourcing and radical changes to the training plans.

    I think this a problem across all Ph 3 courses, and reinforced by the fact that the priority across the Army is Collective Training. To whit at least one 3* considering cancelling Phase 3 courses in order to allow soldiers more time at home/in barracks between tours and then the pain of separation would only be felt during Collective Training. Yes, sir, which course would you like to cancel today, PSBC or SCBC?

    On the merits and demerits of TACC + CC, I recall at least one TACC at RMAS which had approx 80% (IIRC) UOTC Cdts and only approx 20% TA OCdts, the result being that over half of the UOTC Cdts were back at RMAS within 2 years on the CC. If they hadn't attended the TACC it would not have been viable if the course relied solely on the TA to fill the slots. By viable I mean offering suitable training value in that there would have been much less than a platoon on the course.