TA officers "not proper officers" - should they be?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Dr_Evil, May 4, 2006.

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  1. Limited capability and proud of it: in fact, this whole TA officer malarkey is just one big bluff. Those TA fellows you see on operations swanning about with pips on don't know what the fck they're doing.

    Some might say that it's a little bit rum of Her Majesty's generals to place her soldiers under the command of TA officers occasionally when on operations. They wonder whether regular (and, in kinder moments, TA) soldiers should obey TA officers, or even listen to them, in those situations, bearing in mind that they're not quite the real deal.

    But I think they should calm down: it's all a big laugh and will surely work out fine in the end.

    1. Selection standards.

    Some joker once told me that the selection standards for regular and TA are the same. 8O How we both giggled. I think I saw him look at the other member of the commissioning board and note something down - not sure.

    Specky civil servant types somewhere are bound to have a list setting out what the selection standards are for TA officers and how far below those required for the regular Army they are. Can anyone crib their work and post it here?

    2. Length of RMAS training.

    Sangreal is right that the TA Sandhurst course is only three weeks long. But I was under the impression that all TA officers were first taken up to trained soldier standard (or are trained TA soldiers already) and then given a further 70 or so days' training (including those three weeks) to bring them back down to limited capability TA officer standard. So, a total of at least 90 days' training or so.

    Some TA officer cadets cheat by being TA soldiers for quite a while, going around with stripes on and all sorts. Tsk. In fact, some cheeky fecker passed out from dear old Sandbags a couple of blokes up from me wearing a corporal's No.2s and a few gongs (probably bought in a shop).

    This compares with the regular Army's training of officers, which takes untrained civilians and turns them into pukka officers after a course lasting nine months (with extra drill, half days on Wednesdays and weekends off): a total of about 200 days' training in total. So they're twice as good as TA officers when they spawn. You see? Or am I missing something. Nursey???

    3. Limited STA trg.

    Can anyone clarify this one? Surveillance and Target Acquisition? Student Travel Agency?

    Actually, I do know what this means. Someone pm'd me the answer. It's "special to arm". Tsk. Anyway, monkey see, monkey do, I always say. To my monkeys. I have learned lots of stuff special to my arm while on radio stag on exercise. God bless Nyrex.

    4. Command responsibilities.

    You see, here's where I get very confused by Sangreal's mumbo-jumbo. I thought TA officers were put "in charge" of blokes. Aren't they? Who are all those people in Combat 95 then?


    And the ones in desert Combat 95?


    5. Shorter ROCC(V).

    Again, I haven't been paying attention to half the bumf I receive. Part-time, you see. But as far as I am aware, I have done exactly the same ROCC as my regular counterparts thus far, minus a three-day thing where everyone gets together and whinges about their job.

    What bits are missing from ROCC(V)?

    6. The fact that TA officers are part-time.

    Agreed on that point. Most of the TA officers I know are moneyed men of leisure, who do nothing except read the Mirror and chase skirt all day.

    But there are a few who work in "trade", doing tricky jobs in the City involving sums, bossing people about or even running their own businesses. Are they letting the side down by learning things which could come in handy when doing the old pretend-officer thing?

    In fact, isn't it a little bit unfair to place a 22-year-old officer straight from university and regular RMAS up against anything other than a gin-and-tonic-addled part-timer?

    In my book, anyone with a managerial or technical or professional (ie, quack, lawyer) job should be banned from being a TA officer. Spoils the fun, having swots around.
  2. Well Said, Dr Evil,

    and remember, some of those useless STABs are actually ex regs (have they no shame ??)
  3. Ahhhhhh

    Emperor's clothes or Pandora's Box?

    Bit of both.

    It is not the training, not Sandhurst, not even the ability to understand acronyms....nor is it anything to do with ROCC(V).

    It is the man that matters. You've either got it or you haven't. No amount of training will make an Officer out of one that didn't have that unique something in the first place.

    The difference is simply time.
  4. Makes me laugh :lol: :lol:

    The reasons don't make sense, if they were true the TA soldier would be far inferior to their regular conterpart. That is not true at all.

    In my experience, looking at ex-regular 2Lts->Capts that I've dealt with yes the original poster is correct, their is a difference the regular officer needs that extra training cause their bloody awfull and even with the extra training the average TA still out performs the regular.

    I can't believe I'm saying this but I'd generally trust a TA infantry officers over a regular because of my experience of ex-regular DE Lieutenants and Captains (some of who'm I'd consider shooting rather than let them lead me in a combat situation).
  5. ................................
  6. Your ridiculous opinion with its poor grammar and sentence structure just about sums up your post. Those of us who are forced to work with the TA do so through gritted teeth with a smile where we can. Having just bridged the gap between TELIC 7 and 8 the standard of TA officer and soldier that I have seen arrive here disgusts me. Pale, very overweight, lethargic and reacting badly to an indirect attack is what I have seen of your precious TA so far.

    I have no doubt that there are keen, fit and competant TA soldiers and officers out there, good on you. However 3 weeks at Sandbags and 2 weeks on PCBC does not exactly equate to the standard set by those of us who do this year in year out.

    Would you rather be operated on by a surgeon who works in the medical proffession 24/7, or a postman who dabbles in surgery every Tuesday night and a week in the summer?

    I suggest your post has more to do with proffessional "peni s-envy" than your real experiences.

    Get lost.
  7. L_W,
    purely out of interest, are you support or teeth arms? I thought most of those deployed after Telic 2-3 were usually upto standard.

    ps am not baiting, am genuinely concerned by your comments
  8. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
    1. ARRSE Cyclists and Triathletes

    Ooh. So close.
  9. Infantry, hence why I saw red when I read Polar's ridiculous post. Why do you ask?
  10. please would all regular officers who do not know anything about the TA disist from passing judgment on it.
  11. Whats grammar got to do with it? Your doing the standard trick of moving the argument away from the issue.

    The 2nd sentence of yours I quoted ??????? confused, is that irony ????

    I put caveates around my post and for that I stand by what I said.

    p.s. you've spelt professional wrong
  12. Only because the TA infantry I know are pretty switched on thats all...and I am not infantry.

  13. For the love of all things holy!!!!!!!!

    You sad no life walt.
  14. Never did fathom out why certain people join the TA as rupert's and gain their part-time commissions.I suppose it is a talking point for them when they are in their 'other jobs' to impress the bosses and the girls! I'm a weekend soldier and I'm always home in time for tea. :lol:
  15. Ah insult and exclamation, the last resort of the ignorant incabable of defending a point or line of argument. Why the assumption that people who choose to do your job and support you when required to are some how "walt's". I am an officer in the British Army, of this I am very proud, my role in the Army is a part time one. How does this make me a walt?