TA Officers "Living in" in an Officers Mess

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by jockistani, Apr 26, 2010.

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  1. Folks,

    just wondering what the policy is on TA Officers "Living in" in an Officers Mess.

    I've moved to a new area, and as there is a barracks nearby to my work, I thought it could be handy to live in the mess there for a while. Obviously it would be subject to space, approval of the Mess Manager, CO of the unit/base, and possibly my own CO.

    Has anyone encountered this or know of the regulations if any?

    Thanks folks.

    (Posted this in "Officers" forum, thought I'd post here too).
  2. I'm going to get jumped on for this, but...

    If you want to stay in the Mess full time, then serve full time. It's not a doss house for civvies or TA folk who can't be bothered renting or buying their own place.
  3. Will your boss give you time off for unit PT?
  4. i call wah!
  5. As I said on your other thread - the Mess is not a cheap housing association for chippy TA types.

    Legs is spot on.
  6. I am truly embarrassed that someone holding the Queens commission could ask this.
  7. There was a TA officer living in the Officers mess at Imphal Barracks York IIRC. Dont quote me though I worked one night on the bar
  8. I truly can't believe this has got on so many peoples wicks!


    I shall leave the Mess as a doss house for you chippy regular officers then.

  9. That was my initial reaction, but then I remembered that when I was working on Ascension Island (living in the contractors' accommodation), I was asked by a number of the RAF/Army types why I hadn't moved into the Sgts' Mess.

    So I'll slip from embarrassed to bemused.
  10. FTRS, possibly?

    I've used the mess in Andover a few times (1 or 2 night stays) when on MOD (as opposed to on TA pay) business. Not as a permanent liver-in though (although, if your civvie job meant you were an 'entitled civilian'? Never been one of those but have had them in the mess and there are several of them in my TA unit ...)
  11. May have been on FTRS, Now this will probably put a few backs up. But if there is space in the Mess, and someone is willing to pay subscription/bills even if they are only TA is there not profit to be made from it rather than leaving a room empty?
  12. Jerrycan,

    I'm with you really. I mean, nobody has exactly spelt out where it says this is a heinous crime against regulations.

    I am an Officer - tick
    I will pay mess bills - tick
    I will go on unit PT - tick(!)
    I need to be a Regular Officer - ?
    If there are empty rooms ... why not?

    I don't have all the answers to all the questions, but I do ask for an accurate answer to this one. Not rants from those who "believe" what they say is correct.

  13. msr

    msr LE

    Phone the Mess Manager and ask ;)

  14. "Hello, I'm a civvy but part time soldier. Any chance I can doss in the Mess on the cheap totally unrelated to any military duty?"

    "No. Fuck off"
  15. Your just jealous because your a Full Time Soldier who hardly ever gets to sleep in decent accom arent you