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Some new additions in last week or so:


Interesting to note that TA now requiring applications and boarding down to Grade 3. Arguably not a bad thing but I can't help thinking that the Officers who now find it easiest to gain promotion will be those whose 1RO and 2RO actually know how to write an effective OJAR. So what? Well there are now MS courses being run for TA 1ROs. If you are responsible for writing someone's OJAR, get yourself on one - it is YOUR responsibility to look after your Reports for the long-term.
Let's hope that the renewed emphasis being placed on TA Officer careers will also address the fact that they are not all 100% self-motivating, self-retaining and self-training.

I am not sure if this is a sign of desperation (given that JOTAC is a mandatory career course) or an acknowledgement that the chain of command simply isn't delivering the necessary guidance and training:

Wanted: Two JOTAC trained officers with the drive, commitment and availability to take part in roadshows around the UK to pass on their experiences of the course and advise on how to prepare for it. Assistance will be provided with research, statistics and the creation of Microsoft Powerpoint presentations.

I believe all TA CO posts (except for a few oddities) have to be offered to a suitably qualified TA Officer in the first instance.

Merlin745 said:
Noticed many of the TA Signal Regiments have vacancies for CO's, does its now a TA post not a regular one?
See TA Regs for specific wording - norm is supposed to be for a TA Officer to command, however if no "suitable" TA Officer is available then a Reg "may" command.
The initial offering of a CO's place is made to the TA. Generally, the requirement is for a TA Major with the right ticks in the right boxes. Doesn't even have to be from the capbadge that requires a CO either.

However, in my experience it all depends on the Corps, and how limited the Lt Col posts are for Regular Army officers, especially the Command Earning appointment. Years ago, I always felt that the TA posting was seen as being put out to pasture, (almost the retirement post that we dislike having in our PSIs) with the sop of a TA Command. Good, but not quite good enough, perhaps? Whereas the TA CO had to be able to demonstrate he could walk on water.

Nowadays, as the Regular Army continues to shrink, and the TA begins to offer the Regulars the manpower that they cannot otherwise obtain, we're being seen in another light.

A TA officers ability to write a good CR/OJAR has quite often been lacking, (my last one was a howler!) but then I've seen some Regular Army officers MS abilities that are woeful. For the TA officer, if they work in a firm that does performance appraisals, then they have a better idea as to what is required, but all too often they don't get the guidance from the Adjt that they should be getting.

Again, in the past it didn't matter so much. You joined your local TA regiment, you reached Major, you retired, or went on to become a watchkeeper. You weren't mobilised, and everyone knew you, so the OJAR didn't matter that much. Now, the OJAR is what matters, because you're being seen by a much wider audience.

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