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After lurking here, and finding a lot of helpful and interesting posts, I have a question or two to ask and hope you're feeling tolerant today!

After a few years abroad I am coming back to the UK in early Spring, and my next job starts in October (2007). I'm 34 and a linguist, and the AGC seems to be the best bet. Luckily enough I have a long period in which I'm available to train.

I've been told that an initial selection event should happen in February/March, but: does anyone think it is possible to fit in the various modules and boards (critically the three-week RMAS session, if I'm lucky enough to get that far) in the time I have available?

Just reread that, and realise I'll be forced to post a joke in the bar to balance the seriousness....
Do you have a unit in mind or are you looking at the AGC as a regional unit?

Best bet would be to speak to the units. They can advise on when training is available and if it's possible to fit it in. It is quite a tight timescale.

Also bear in mind that many of the potential ruperts like to repeat some of the weekends so that they can practise orders and the like.


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Svyazist said:
Why the AGC? They are not the only people to have linguists.

The TA has a pool of linguists badged to AGC. These are guys who use foreign languages in their civilian careers - on joining the TA, they are commissioned and will work as liaison officers to foreign military (nice job if you can get it!)

Normal age restrictions do not apply due to specialist role.

Lastresort, suggest you phone the officer i/c recruitment for the specialist pool or discuss it with your local OTC.

What's your language out of interest?
I've been told if you're willing to travel, it can be done in 6 months. It may mean doing some parts of courses with other units in other parts of the country, so will require someone with a silver tongue and good knowledge of the process to help you out. Fitness needs to be tip-top.

edited to add, this might not include Post Commissioning training (Mod 5). It'll be tight if you do manage it...
Realistically if you want to commission this year you would have to get through your module 1 (basic training) in time to do the London district 9 day module 2 course in April. All other mod 2 courses are run over weekends and take a few months to complete. After that, if you wanted you could in theory (all going to plan) do your mod 3 as a 10 day block and make the TACC072 in July, or wait until TACC073 in September. Honestly, if you're only being selected in March this isn't very likely at all, as most mod 1 course for DE run over weekends.

Why do you want to do it so quickly? Why not do your training while you're working?

Your age might be an issue, although the new age regulations (which I know nothing about) may work in your favour.
It is possible but it will be tight!

Exercise Summer Challenge with 2 Div in Scotland will be your best bet. They will probably run Modules 1-3 of the TACC as a continuous package during July and August. Your TA Unit might not be in Scotland but I am sure 2 Div will accept you on the course none-the-less (Soroban, if you're reading this, please confirm).

Assuming you attend AOSB (R) Briefing and pass AOSB (R) Main Board at Westbury without any delays imposed, you could attend Module 4 at RMAS in Sep and by 1 Oct 07 be commissioned.

You might also find the following links useful:

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PM me if you need any more information.

Black Shamrock, Summer Challenge 2007 (SC07) will indeed be the best way for lastresort or any other new Potential Officer to reach Module 4 at RMAS by September this year.

The Officer Training package at SC07 is being run as "Fastrack" and covers all the training objectives of modules 1, 2 & 3 and all the pass or fail test elements as well as a Collegiate Weekend at RMAS.

I think we need to really highlight the importance of Westbury though - they must pass AOSB(R) Main Board prior to the start of SC07 to be guaranteed a place.

lastresort, assuming you have advised them of your aspirations, your own unit should by now have contacted the RTC for your Bde and should be in a position to advise you on the next steps. Detailed information regarding SC07 is not yet freely available so please just be aware that it is a possibility and focus on getting through the selection weekend and getting a place booked on the first available AOSB(R) Briefing Weekend. You should be doing this anyway whether you intend doing SC07 or not.

I note your age and so have to point out that this is your last chance to get to RMAS on the signature of your RTC CO. Post 35 any candidate for Module 4 will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis at RMAS with the understanding that only the very best will be able to face the rigours of that element of the course.


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So many responses! I'd left it a day or two for people to see the post.... three cheers for the ARRSE!

Yellow devil, TBS, Soroban, others - yes, and yes. It is indeed the TA AGC linguists pool, my language is French (plus "lastresort levels" of one or two others), and the main reason for the choice is that it's where I can be useful - plus if I go back abroad again in a year or two, they're structured so that I can return to blighty for training. That works for me. Reason for the deadline is that my next civilian job is likely to be very demanding (Peter principle), so I think it would be difficult to attend several long blocks of training, at least at the beginning. Some post-commissioning training would be what I'd expect, but getting the 70-odd days out of the way first is pretty much essential.

SC 07 as mentioned by several here does indeed seem to fit the bill (assuming the Army doesn't take one look and say "Mr. Lastresort, we're desperate... but not that desperate"), and I will try to lead my contact person into suggesting it. When I next hear from him. Again, many thanks to all.

Right, if the fitness is to be "tip top", I'd better get on with it :yawnstretch:


49 Brigade are running a Mod 1 course at Grantham (they have just enough people to run it at the moment) from March 10th to the 24th 2007. You might have enough time to squeeze onto it if you speak nicely to the TAPO Warrant Officer at your local RTC.




Thanks Badmash - I'll put that one into the mix.... have you managed to fit all your modules in?


Dear all

Many thanks for the help and advice on this and other threads. Via a very particular route, not at all as expected but nevertheless interesting, it is now all over bar a little shouting. I should be putting some badges and rather natty green clothing on in the next few days.

Once again, thanks - if you know or can tell who I am by now, I'll get you a beer in the Mess.


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