TA Officer Questions

Im just about to finish my A levels in sixth form and am interested in joining my local TA unit, which recruit in May/June every year I am looking for answers to the following questions.

Will the TA recruit a Potential Officer at 18 awaiting A level results ?

What are the TA officer educational requirements ?

Would I be better off joining as a solider first then progressing to become an officer later on ?

It's a lot to do with whether they will pass you at AOSB. Obviously they wont until you get your results.

The TA officer requirements are exactly the same as regular officers.

You may well find that joining first as a Soldier and then going Officer is better for you, especially at your age. You'll be more confident in giving lessons on whatever then.
1.Yes you can be accepted as a PO waiting for a levels ( I was)
2. Same as the regual requirements.
3. You have to be a soldier first in the TA and complete TSC A and CIC in my case.

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