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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by monkey5678, Sep 14, 2009.

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  1. Is anyone able to confirm how strictly the qualification rules / guidelines are enforced with regard to TA Officer selection? I left school (several eons ago) with 9 good GCSE’s (grades A-C) but stupidly decided to get a job rather than continue with my education and hence don’t hold the prescribed 2 A Levels. I am in the Fire Service and hold the rank of Watch Manager (roughly equivalent to Police Inspector) and would therefore hope to be able to demonstrate at least a degree of competence in leadership skills etc. Along the way I have accumulated various vocational quals (NVQ 3 being the highest) is this sufficient? The website doesn't expand on what "or equivalent” is?

    Also, having had a trawl through recent posts it seems that money is somewhat scarce within the TA at the mo, is this affecting recruitment? several units seem to be getting the chop - I am in Durham but can easily travel to Gateshead or Newcastle and therefore have several local units (RAC / RA / RE / RLC – also an Infantry unit but at 32 think I am a bit past it for this) to choose from, are any more desperate than others??
  2. First & Foremost Monkey, welcome & glad to hear you're thinking of joining the TA.

    With regards to your later question, yes funding has been cut & seems to be affecting things for the TA, however recruiting hasn't stopped & the main arm that seems to be suffering "downsizing" seem to be Thr Royal Signals. Thus I personally would avoid them, but no to say a Sigs unit near you will be getting chopped so don't discount it totally if you're genuinely interested in them.

    With regards officer selection, it sounds as though you don't meet the requirements upon entry to attend Officer Selection, however after basic training there is an option for looking at Officer Selection.

    I too would not meet the requirements, but after Phase 1 was offered to look at the Potential Officer course, but declined (I can read a map & don't mind working for a living ;) )so perhaps someone else (msr) can add to this to give you a little more information than me, but what I am trying to say is that there's no reason you shouldn't be able to become an officer.
  3. Thanks cufc, I think you have more or less confirmed what I thought. I guess the best idea is to have a wander along to the most interesting looking unit on a Tuesday night and see where we go from there. Now, RAC, RA, RLC or RE??
  4. Well I would telephone ahead first tbh, make sure the right people are able to see you & chat to you.

    As for what Arm, well only you can answer that, but I'm RLC & know a couple of lads & lasses from a unit up in Newcastle who are good ens, so you won't have any dramas there.

    I'd say have a good look at what trade you want to do of RAC/RE/RA & RLC, then contact the appropriate unit once you've decided what you fancy.
  5. H3

    H3 LE

    Just out of interest how do you make the similarities of your rank in the Fire Service to Police Inspector ?

    Remember even though you may pick RE etc your first job will always be an Infantry role .
  6. Good question – It is one of those “custom and practice” things that the ranks are comparable-

    Firefighter – Police Constable
    Crew Manager – Sergeant
    Watch Manager – Inspector
    Station Manager – Chief Inspector
    Group Manager – Superintendent
    Area Manager - Chief Superintendent
    Assistant Chief Fire Officer – Assistant Chief Constable
    Deputy Chief Fire Officer - Deputy Chief Constable
    Chief Fire Officer – Chief Constable

    I’m sure I have seen this written somewhere official – just don’t ask me where…
  7. H3

    H3 LE

    Did you manage to go along last Tuesday ?
  8. watch manager = sergeant surely given that A crew manager is required to give permission for FFs to walk outside of a station and talk to people ...

    this was a major factor against the 30k campaign the fact that a firefighter cannot function unless supervised by on site supervision
  9. Only Inspectors and above are allowed to talk to the press without prior consent.