TA Officer - military law/discipline at all times

Discussion in 'Military Discipline' started by dex_dexta, Aug 11, 2005.

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  1. This is a quick question by someone who may (hopefully) be doing TA officer training..

    I understand that as a normal soldier, you are only under military law when training, and not in normal life. As an Officer, you are under military law/discipline at all times.

    The question is therefore, if during normal life as an officer, someone commits an offence against YOU, then is crime committed by that person greater than if they had done that crime against a normal civilian?
  2. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Yes, you are subject to military law at all times as an Officer (hence keep your MoD 90 with you).

    But why would it be a worse offence if someone hits you rather than an off-duty TA Tom?

    Luckily, as far as I know it has never been a specific civil offence to assault an Officer of HM Armed Forces, as opposed to assaulting any other Subject.
  3. You expecting to get a slap some time soon then?
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  4. no, just an interesting concept.
  5. Concept? - Yes.

    Interesting? - No.
  6. As an aside IF your unit lets you have your MOD 90 only carry it when you need to.
  7. No - unless they did so because you were a TA Officer.
  8. Ok this has been somethign I had wondered about. When they say "you'll be an officer 24/7" what does this exactly entail? How does this apply to the average TA officers everyday life? I know the obvious answer is it won't. However I'm sure in theory it means something is meant to apply.

    Any clues/enlightenment?
  9. It just means that you don't do off-duty anything that would bring you or the service into disrepute. e.g. if you decide to become a part-time heroin addict "but only when I'm not on duty", you'll still have a nice interview without coffee if they find out. Similarly, running a whorehouse or starting up a website involving goats and spandex leotards might also be frowned upon (or clog up the MOD servers worse than Amarillo!)
    Perversely, alcohol-fuelled japery that in civvie-street would have you locked up doesn't seem to carry the same penalty.......so long as no-one complains.
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  10. TA = normal civilian
  11. Something undesirable such as, say, a Major letting his wife get her kit off for "Readers Wives" and then appear in a documentary about it?

    I was sitting watching the tele on a course when said doc came on, to a cry of "that's my BC" from an HAC officer. And it was.

    Good looking girl his wife was . . . . . .

    I understand the interview with Bde Commd next day lacked caffeine in any form, and certainly no choccie digestives.
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  12. In acordance with MOD policy EVERY TA Soldier/Officer Has their MOD 90 Issued to them to keep. As far as I'm aware Soldiers are only subject to Mil Law when they have signed the drill sheet ( that's why the Mirror fraudsters got off). TA officers on the other hand as the hold the Queens Commission are subject to Mil Law 24/7, though I have never seen it enforced.

    As for someone twatting you because you are in the TA and have a MOD90, in the eyes of the law you are a victim, the same as a woman or an OAP. If you think that by becoming a TA/ Regular officer you will receive special status, then stop and rethink your intentions for joining......
  13. sweats, can you track down a DCI or any other formal doc to support this (not disagreeing, I really, really hope you can for all sorts of reasons :grin:). And does anyone know if Chilwell still retrieve mod 90s from returning TA personnel?
  14. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Abacus -

    It was a Land Directive, and fed down from there via the Chain of Command. Part of the 'ome Army' concept, all TA soldiers, once they have passed Phase 2 Training, ARRE to be issued their MoD 90s.

    I tried to only issue them to NCOs, but was told no, they must go to all soldiers. So, that's what we do. Losing them is no longer a 'prevalent offence' so no great shakes if they are lost; a new one now comes in a week - they now have Rank on, and a 4 year 'life'.

    I will try to find the actual reference, but don't hold your breath.

  15. Hi Abacus adding onto what Snowy said I'm afraid that I do not know the DCI involved but my unit has been issuing to all soldiers after completeing basic. As for RTMC they do not retain MOD90's any more.

    Hope that helps.