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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Anon1, Aug 21, 2007.

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  1. Have just been told that I will have an interview in mid-September as part of my application to join the TA as an Officer. :D The thing is I am not sure what to expect. All I know so far is that it will be on a weekend and in Aldershot (so not AOSB I presume).

    Has anyone gone through this stage (post friendly interviews panel and paperwork)? If so, what type of questions should I expect? For instance, will it be current affairs, regimental history, general Army knowledge, CV information?:scratch:

    Just want to make sure I'm prepared as I'm keen to proceed to the next stage. :thumright:

  2. Not clued up, but i would imagine that boning up on "current affairs, regimental history, general Army knowledge, CV information" and turning up smart, calm and collected would be a good start.
  3. If it's not Westbury, then it's internal to your unit. Ask them what it entails, as it could simply be an interview with the CO.
  4. I'm having my CO's interview tonight, after attesting last week.

    I don't think it entails anything beyond dressing like a right-wing farmer and seeming like a bloody good chap.
  5. You might want to ponder on the reasons why you
    a) want to join the TA
    b) want to commission in the TA
    c) want to join the CO's cap badge
    d) want to join the CO's regiment.

    If you are sound on these then you ought to make a good impression, whether fitted out by Gieves or Mr Byrite.
  6. Yes, I was being slightly flippant. :oops:

    Going by ACI(O) interview and RCB Briefing (as then was) experience, he'll no doubt ask you questions on what you understand by leadership, the structure (Combat, CS, CSS) of the British Army, which officerish qualities you think you possess, your civvy career and why you chose it, etc etc etc. For TA, I imagine you (and indeed I) will be asked why you chose TA over regs.

    Best prep, I would suggest, is reading Arrse (all forums), Dusty Warriors, and Defeat Into Victory.
  7. Think about this like any other job interview and prepare accordingly.

    Dress smartly, be aware of why you want to join them in the role they're offering, and how you're going to accomplish the demands of being a Junior Officer with your day job.

    He may well ask about mobilisation, your views, and those of the people you work with, as well as your family.

    Be able to answer the practical, as well as the hypothetical I'd suggest. Also be aware that you're interviewing him - there are more junior officer posts than junior officers to fill them. You're going to put in a lot of time and effort, what are they offering in return?
  8. The best prep is having read a decent paper for the last 6 years, and knowing why you want to be an officer.

    Editted to add. By all means read Defeat into Victory, but for God's sake do not quote Slim's words or use him as a paragon of leadership you aspire to.

    Favourite Slim quote: 'There are no such things as Gentlemanly instincts, a Gentleman is a man who can overcome his instincts'.
    Also an understanding of what you are volunteering for, both the training process and what the job will entail when you march up the steps and into your office, will show that you have thought about it.

    When I had my CO's interview the focus was very much on why I wanted to be an officer in his regiment. However, I knew my regiment and very much meant it when I said it. Don't try to blueshiv him, he'll be able to tell.
  9. Better just to stand in front of the sepia tint photos and see what you absorb, it's all your going to get post Sandhurst.

    And don't turn up in a polyester tie, or he might think you aspire to the Sgts Mess.
  10. So what's wrong with that?
  11. Occifers wear silk my good man.
  12. This is right, in addition what i think you want to consider is what your motivation is in becoming an officer and what you will bring to the role; consider also about what being an officer is; what your strengths and weaknesses are (be honest); do you understand fully what the commitment is;

    Treat this exactly the same as an interview you would have for a job in your civi life, do the research and show the prospective employer (the CO) that actually you are worth investing in and that you will bring added value to his organisation.

    Demonstrate a good rounded personality with outside interests which show that you have depth - but again be honest, it is very easy to catch bluffers out, like the person who claimed to have climbed the north face of the eiger but who didn't know a crampon from a tampon!!!

    Above all - be yourself, it is not about what you wear (although i would definitely turn up in a suit or minimum jacket collar and tie), sound like or the school you went to.

    Good luck.
  13. msr

    msr LE

    But remember you only get one chance to make a good first impression...

  14. I know - but I was referring to the snide comment about aspiration.
  15. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    It might be a reasonable angle to say you are trying TA first with a view to considering Reg. Obviously assuming you are welcome to the idea.

    I don't know what others think but I imagine it goes down reasonably well. Make sure you don't get caught by the "oh, so you want to avoid basic training and get into the regs by the side door" trap.

    In addition friends/family with TA/Mil experience is always worth mentioning (demonstrating a knowledge of the TA/Mil if you haven't managed to demonstrate this elsewhere in your interview). Unless, of course, Dad is CGS in which case it might be best be skipped.