TA Officer Initial Uniform Grant?

Heard a rumour that TA Officers are entitled to a reduced IUG on commissioning?

Now I commissioned a few years back but certainly never received this. If so, I fancy trying to back claim it.

Any gurus able to shed any light?

One of the best kept military secrets in British history IMHO. Did you get your initial TA officer's kit issue too and did you also have a No2 dress on issue? all questions you need to take up with your QM - once you have fortified your knowledge with a sizeable dose of TA Regs. don't get your hopes up mind you, it pays for a pair of mess overalls in most units and a leg in Yeomanry or some of the more up-them-selves Signal Regiments.
You have to apply for it. Speak to your PSAO.

If you have No2s hand them in now or you'll get a reduced grant (Supposedly they can be tailored into Service Dress, hence the reduction!!!)

Total package used to be around £300
Only got £180 in my day...

Not looking forward to the end of graddaddy rights on my current kit in a year or so's time, its going to be F'ing expensive to buy the new stuff - I think the Dress Committe must be getting a kick-back from the tailors !
Ok, so it does exist. Excellent.

Do you happen to know the correct form? I have searched JSP's but no luck so far.

Would be easy to get (I am sure!) if I can find the correct MOD Form XXX, fill it in and hand it to my PSAO.

When i got mine just over 2 years ago (albeit List B as im an ACF officer) it was just shy of £400. I was fortunate, didnt have to do anything - it just turned up on my wage slip. Will try and find out from my CEO (very switched on chap re all things financial - he's Aberdonian!!) which form is required and let you know.
Ask your RAO, he should have the form.

Shouldn't do. I got my form emailed to me from my PSAO, should be quite straight forward. Handed it in an age ago though and still no sign of the money so don't count on it coming through quickly. It's just short of £400 now, which won't even cover one set of kit let alone Service dress and blues and mess kit as it's meant to be for. Grr.
bubsnicket said:
So where does this grant come from? Are my Regt going to get miffed if I turn around and apply for one?
No. You are entitled to it.

The form is a JPA F011 and if someone knows how to upload it I have it in word format. All the regulations about getting the allowance are contained in JSP 752 Chapter 8. You are required to pay part of the money back if you either leave early or join the regulars and receive the regular army officer officer clothing grant.
a. Initial/Rejoining Uniform Grant. Initial/rejoining Uniform Grants are authorised and input to JPA by the unit HR admin staff at the commissioning unit for payment via the Service person’s salary.

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