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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by birduk, Mar 20, 2006.

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  1. Starting this here as I am hoping someone from the TA will have some advice for me.

    Happily finished my weekend course at a training establishment at the weekend- 12:30 we all get knocked off. Except 'LCpl Bird, can you go in and see the Lt Col' Eh what? Poop a brick, march smartly into office, give the worst salute of my life (oh the shame, I might as well have slapped myself on the forehead). Luckily one of us had coffee and we both sat down. :?

    Basically a Major I have been chatting to has 'head-hunted' me for the OTC. Very strange methinks- but got given all the forms and the hard sell for the OTC. Because of the shock, I forgot to ask all the right questions- to be honest I was shivering from the DTs and the 2 hours sleep from the night before. The only bit that I got is that I could miss out some of the training as I am already a trained soldier and that I'd have no problems with a bunch of the tests.

    My current situation is as a CMT in an infantry unit. I teach and am the company medic. Now if I go to OTC I will be leaving my unit in a bit of a quandry. Any chance of continuing both? Am I going to have to take a pay cut and will I lose my bounty?

    I have a degree and am doing a doctorate, but in industry, so I have a bit of common sense as well as the accademic guff. The next question is- since I am in my late 20s already, am I going to find the OTC full of irritating young pups that I will end up strangling? Will they get my infantry humour? Also a bit worried as I was offered a job teaching at the OTC not so long ago- so will I still be challenged?

    I haven't filled in the forms yet. But I also want to know what core I will have to transfer to (Female officer in the infantry :roll: ). I like being in the infantry- but I am well aware of my limits! Obviously I wouldn't transfer until I finished. I do love where I am now, but I know that I have practically reached the ceiling already.l

    Any ideas people? Would be grateful for any advice from those that have been through this? Especially the older types and maybe anyone that has come from the ranks?

  3. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Come on Bravo, don't sit on the fence, say what you mean!

    OTC is Ok as a stepping stone to a commission if that is what you want. Socially it is good fun, if a little limited in terms of a fake mess and cheap studenty bars. Otherwise, I would suggest you avoid it and concentrate on your TA career. There are plenty of options open to you, and promotion as an attachment to an infantry unit is possible.

    If you had not considered being an officer before, is it really what you want? After Pl/Troop commander it soon leads to a life of admin and paperwork, which has its own rewards, but is not the same as front line soldiering.
  4. Not an older type, and not from the ranks. However........

    as B_B says, do not, under any circumstances, go to the OTC. You will hate it and it really won't teach you very much. If your unit are keen to see you develop (as they seem to be) get them to sponsor you to Officer training through your RTC. The system is really getting going now, and you should should not have the problem that many DETAPOs seem to have, which is parent units not showing much on an interest.

    If you want to see your career develop you realise you will have to leave your unit anyhow, it is up to you if you want to take the RMAS to a lifetime of paperwork route. But if you do want to go to RMAS go while you are young-ish and fit.

    What Bde are you in?
  5. Its also a bit shabby for you to be approached outside of your chain of command. Your headshed will not be impressed.
  6. Take it your not going for a medical doctor? If you are go for a PQO commission once qualified

    Don't understand why they want you to goto the OTC, have you not misunderstood them, did they mean train with them? Otherwise look at the DEPTAO scheme you should be able to bypass most modules. Try PM'ing abacus he seems to be the expert in this subject
  7. OTC is a fcuking good laugh, but it would be a step down. we have a guy doing a doctorate who is 28, and he fits in fine. you will fit in fine, people wont look at you differently unless you behave differently, and single yourself out as the "highly experienced with nothing to learn" sort of stereotype.
  8. Are you eligible for OTC if you're doing a postgrad? I'm in the middle of my doctorate, and I never even considered the OTC. It doesn't matter anyway, I'm quite happy where I am!
  9. Have had an situation quite like this fairly recently. Please feel free to PM me. I don't want to post stuff publicly since you need specific questions answered that are not appropriate to ask or reply to on a public forum.

    All the best with your decision.
  10. So long as you have 2 years left to run of your degree scheme. you can join the OTC.

    (other mitigating factors depending)
  11. It is not a question of whether or not one can fit in getting p////d with students, I enjoy going back to my old troop dinner (once a year), but whether it would be of any benefit to bird's career.
  12. I've ran this though an online translator.

    What he said:


  13. DAMN! Look BB, a chap has to try. Now sssh, perhaps she will miss the last few posts (he says thoughtfully and very provocatively stroking the most dangerous moustache this side of The Urals).

    And why mention puppies? I haven't been able to get noses off my mind since first reading the post.

    I'm all for giving a gel 'The Hard Facts', but at my age I am afraid it is mostly just spin. Grateful for recognition as an accomplished bluffer though, and from such an authority on the subject as well!

    Pillies im der vint (with apologies to Afrikaaners).
  14. If you are already in the TA and fancy going to OTC to have a look at the whole commissioning thing then go as a TAPO (If they still have them) keeps your feet on the ground and leaves an escape plan. OTCs are ok but often you get better training elsewhere, i know - i was a TAPO.

    If you want any info about TA commssioning feel free to PM me - was in the system for a few years.
  15. Biggest problem is that the longer-serving cadets will see you as a sprog - regardless of the fact that you know more than them.

    Look on their Board and get some idea of the children that you'd be mixing with.

    They won't let you play real soldiers concurrently with playing with them - it's one or the other. When I was told this, I looked the Brigadier in the eye and said, "Sir, in that case, I'd rather stay a semi-professional Private than be an amateur Officer." Rather than get upset, the Brig just smiled and said, You're right, you know."