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I'm currently in the process of applying to the TA via direct entry officer route. Sorry if this is already on the site somewhere but I can't seem to find it anywhere, can anyone give me any info or direct me to a site where I can find out the exact fitness tests I will be facing with this route. (From what I've been told, the 2.4 km run is to be completed in 10 mins 30 secs?)etc.

Thanks in advance to anyone who replies.

Cheers, Jason.
You need to be able to eat a KFC family feast within 20 mins, then be able to amble 145 yds in 10 minutes.

No need to thank me.
Not too sure what tests you'll have at the TA Wooooperts tea party - I shall ask around. How's your general fitness at the moment? If you can't find any info on the TA side have a look at the Regular fitness requirements/tests and use them as a guide to your training until you find out.

What sort of time frame you looking at at the moment?


Edited to add: What bin_gonzo said! :)
11 minutes is pretty poor and when I went through the aspiration was 9:30. Thankfully I have always been good at running and came in under it.

At the end of the day, you can't lead if you are trying to catch your guys up.

Don’t just aim for the bare minimum pass, keep working on it.
anything under 10:00 is OK for the run. Make sure you have good upper body strength for press ups and assault course type exercises. Otherwise just get as much fitness in as you can, you can never be too fit.
Recently had my POA. Suprised at the number of guys who didn't even make the bleep test min requirements.
You need to be fit and up to standard so make sure you train hard and get lots of practice beforehand. Don't settle for the minimum requirements, aim higher and you will be fine. Practice push and sit ups. You will be tested on these and you really want to be cranking out 60 + in 180 seconds!
60 in 180 seconds? It's got to be more than that surely?? I thought it was in 120 seconds. I can knock out 80 in 2 mins
jason123 said:
I'm in fairly good shape at the minute, getting the 2.4 km run in 11 minutes, but I need to speed that up a bit, cheers for the help!
I'd take the beep test equivalents from the Army's web site with a pinch of salt. It may be technique (I've only done it on my own, never with a PTI) but although I can do the mile and a half in 11:36, I die horribly on a beep test somewhere around the start of level 7. (I should really be getting to level 9) You can download the audio tracks online and it's hardly difficult to measure out a 20m course, so give it a go!

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