TA Officer - Correct process for resigning

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Stonk Rigid, Dec 18, 2007.

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  1. I want to leave the TA in the new year.

    What is the correct process for resigning?

    Keep the funny responses until after I get some clear direction!!!
  2. Stop turning up.
  3. Or hand your kit in to stores next time it's open.

    They'll get the hint.

    Unless you want to hang around until March to collect your bounty.

    Then hand your kit in. But then you'll probably have to queue.
  4. Thank you for your responses but have had the same gems on another thread.

    Does anyone actually know what the process is?
  5. Write to your CO.

    Then put your commission back into the Frosties packet.

    Edited to add: TA Regs are on ArmyNet, so look through there if you want to be sure.
  6. A letter to your CO and a request for an interview usually works.
  7. Stonk

    As with most issues a properly worded letter to your CO is a good start, as I sure you will appreciate he will want and deservers the opportunity to discuss your decision with you.

    From experience you will find that the Adj takes care of the staffwork.

    Are you sure its not just a change of scenery/job thats required?

  8. Don't do it. Keep serving. You are needed and your contribution is appreciated.

  9. Bang a note off to the CO and wait for the begging phone call.

    This can be avoided by signing off,

    "Cheers fella but your crap leadership leaves me no option.

    Yours etc

    S Rigid

    Ex Stab Rupert."

    Can't find the page in JSP101 but it's in there somewhere.

    This will however leave you very little wiggle room should you change your mind....
  10. I have changed scenery and jobs but it is still c#ck!

    Have done 10 years now and feel:

    a) Am going nowhere in my TA career

    b) Have done plenty of the fun stuff

    c) Do not believe I should be spending my time specifically training people to help the regulars when they are down on numbers due to people being on career courses at times of tour commitment.

    d) Have realised that there are better things to do both on Wednesday nights, weekends and in any of my spare time.
  11. Minnesota

    Like your irony, no one gives a rats ass about a TA officers contribution.


    Could think of a couple of CO's I wanted to send that letter to.

  12. Stonk

    I have to agree with some of your points, in particular the part about getting a life.

    I have had a reduced commitment this year and all a sudden I have been able to concentrate on the things that really matter career and familiy.

    Oh and........a social life !!!!!

  13. As a fellow Yeoman I feel that I am wasting my time coming in to training.
  14. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Flog your kit on e bay and wait for the monkeys to come!
  15. Request interview
    chuck one up
    "Colonel, I would like your permission to retire."
    Write letter, "I have the honour to submit a request to retire from my commission blah di blah".
    Make sure Chief Clerk gets a copy and ensure he sends off the paperwork to MCM Div.
    Job done.

    Alternatively, do as I did.
    "Frankly Colonel, I can't work for this w@nker anymore and anyway, since SDR this place is more mickey-mouse than Disneyworld."
    "Fair enough Stabtastic. I'm only staying in until my bounty's in too."
    Write " I resign" to adjutant and send terse letters to MCM Div until someone writes back to say 'yes, all formalised'.