TA Officer - Correct process for resigning

I want to leave the TA in the new year.

What is the correct process for resigning?

Keep the funny responses until after I get some clear direction!!!
Or hand your kit in to stores next time it's open.

They'll get the hint.

Unless you want to hang around until March to collect your bounty.

Then hand your kit in. But then you'll probably have to queue.
Thank you for your responses but have had the same gems on another thread.

Does anyone actually know what the process is?
Write to your CO.

Then put your commission back into the Frosties packet.

Edited to add: TA Regs are on ArmyNet, so look through there if you want to be sure.
A letter to your CO and a request for an interview usually works.

As with most issues a properly worded letter to your CO is a good start, as I sure you will appreciate he will want and deservers the opportunity to discuss your decision with you.

From experience you will find that the Adj takes care of the staffwork.

Are you sure its not just a change of scenery/job thats required?

Bang a note off to the CO and wait for the begging phone call.

This can be avoided by signing off,

"Cheers fella but your crap leadership leaves me no option.

Yours etc

S Rigid

Ex Stab Rupert."

Can't find the page in JSP101 but it's in there somewhere.

This will however leave you very little wiggle room should you change your mind....
I have changed scenery and jobs but it is still c#ck!

Have done 10 years now and feel:

a) Am going nowhere in my TA career

b) Have done plenty of the fun stuff

c) Do not believe I should be spending my time specifically training people to help the regulars when they are down on numbers due to people being on career courses at times of tour commitment.

d) Have realised that there are better things to do both on Wednesday nights, weekends and in any of my spare time.

Like your irony, no one gives a rats ass about a TA officers contribution.


Could think of a couple of CO's I wanted to send that letter to.


I have to agree with some of your points, in particular the part about getting a life.

I have had a reduced commitment this year and all a sudden I have been able to concentrate on the things that really matter career and familiy.

Oh and........a social life !!!!!



Flog your kit on e bay and wait for the monkeys to come!
Request interview
chuck one up
"Colonel, I would like your permission to retire."
Write letter, "I have the honour to submit a request to retire from my commission blah di blah".
Make sure Chief Clerk gets a copy and ensure he sends off the paperwork to MCM Div.
Job done.

Alternatively, do as I did.
"Frankly Colonel, I can't work for this w@nker anymore and anyway, since SDR this place is more mickey-mouse than Disneyworld."
"Fair enough Stabtastic. I'm only staying in until my bounty's in too."
Write " I resign" to adjutant and send terse letters to MCM Div until someone writes back to say 'yes, all formalised'.

Love the username by the way. Reminds me of a man I who I once spent 3 days in a canoe with. I've never fully recovered from what he did to me during that time. Anywhooo....

Yeah, I see your points. I have recently relocated and feel exactly the same about the TA (except I believe my career is going somewhere, but not the place I want to go!)

One of msr's points which seems to permeate throughout the TA is "if I left, I'd miss it!" Thats a load of balls. I took 6months out over the summer and found plenty of things to do, infact I was busier than ever doing things that I wanted to do (and things that my missus told me to do.)

Although I did miss the money . And the cheap drink.

As for the process, try actually kicking the CO ***********, that usually gets people out of the TA pronto, although I've seen it done to a drunk CO once and he didnt even notice!
Are you sure you want to leave, or do you want to be talked round. If you really want to leave just don't go back. If you have been a good attender someone will be in contact to see whats happening. I was out for
18 months but went back.

Don't burn your boats until your really sure!
Informal chat with the OC, then letter to the CO.



Hope this helps:

Voluntary Resignation

4.167. Resignation at any time. An officer may apply to resign his commission at any time, or to retire under para 4.165. Such applications are not normally to be accepted when a Call-Out Order under Sections 52 or 54 of the Reserve Forces Act 1996 is in force and the powers of Section 17(4) RFA 96 have been invoked, or when the officer is called out for service with the Regular Army or when disciplinary proceedings are awaited or are taking place.

Applications to Resign, Retire or Transfer to RARO

4.181. RARO. It is desirable that officers on retiring from the TA should continue to serve in RARO until reaching the age for retirement from that reserve as laid down in the Pay Warrant 1964, Article 273. Superior officers are to draw the attention of officers about to retire to this fact and encourage them to apply for appointment to the RARO on an AF E613. (See Annex G/4.)
4.182. Form of Application. Applications to resign, retire or transfer to RARO are to be submitted in letter form to the unit commanding officer or commander TA/CVHQ at least 3 months before the due date.

Procedure and Documentation

4.183. When an officer applies to resign his commission, other than under paras 4.173 to 4.177, every encouragement is to be given to him to apply instead to transfer to RARO. (See para 4.181.)
4.184. Recommendations are to be forwarded by the officer’s commanding officer through the usual channels, or by the commander TA/CVHQ, to the TA & Res MCM Div APC together with completed MOD Form 135 and the
documents detailed below, at least 3 months before the due date, as follows:
a. Letter of application by the officer if he is seeking voluntary retirement or resignation (see paras 4.165, 4.167, 4.173b and 4.173c).
b. Transfers to RARO - AF E 613.
c. Retirement/Resignation - AF E 535.
d. Initiating officer’s certificate (see para 4.185).
e. Commanding officer’s certificate (see para 4.186 and Annex M/4).
4.185. Initiating officer’s certificate. When forwarding the recommendation, the initiating officer is to state whether:
a. All regimental claims have been paid.
b. All public funds have been property accounted.
c. In the case of officers commanding independent units, the ledgers and public equipment on charge to the unit which the officer commands are in good order and condition.
d. All arms, clothing and equipment being public property, and issued to him, has been returned in good order, subject to fair wear and tear.
4.186. Commanding Officer’s Certificate. The commanding officer, or commander TA/CVHQ, as appropriate, is to complete and attach the certificate at Annex M/4.

Applications where Character and Conduct are Relevant

4.187. The attention of all officers resigning or retiring is to be drawn to the first paragraph of the commanding officer’s certificate required by para 4.186 of these Regulations (Annex M/4), to QR (Army) paras 5.062 and 5.11d(7), and to AGAIs, Volume 2, Chapter 62, paras 62.031 to 62.035
Stonk - been thinking similiar things myself. In addition to your reasons:-

- The training activities are largely a waste of time i.e. they are inefficient use of time or I could be doing something more challenging and interesting. Life is short and there are loads more interesting things to do. Having said this, I am not taking a swipe at the PSI types – they do try very hard – we simply don’t have the resources to do interesting/ challenging stuff anymore. In fact rarely is any of our training worthwhile.
- The TA has become an organization that is more about what you can’t do than what you can do. In the TA the answer is generally – No.
- Fed up with the endless, pointless paperwork – not to mention that the JPA project team just forgot about the TA and I don’t have the time to put in my expense claims, so I lose money.
- Salami slicing of allowances – HDT and PAYD.
- My family has been really neglected – why do I make them suffer?
- My job has suffered – all those emails and calls at work, peers don’t like it.
- I simply don’t have the kit I need to do the job and I’m sick of cuffing it all the time.

Can you imagine if the TA was honest with you:-

Right, we are going to pay you really poorly, overburden you with superfluous admin for you to do unpaid or in your Employers time. We will not equip you at all, let alone properly and you will be on constant scrounge from Regular units who will despise you for it. We certainly won’t train you to use the kit but we expect you to know everything about it. OK, if you are really persistent about the training bit, we will expand what could really take 2 weeks into 6 weeks so you can’t go and then if we need you to use the kit on Operations we will run a dodgey 5 day course on the sly and let you use it anyway.

We will fight tooth and nail over a 20p allowance but apply pressure for you to spend thousands buying kit that we should have issued you.

If you want to be an Officer, we will only give you 10% of the uniform grant we give to regular officers.

No pension, no mortgage assistance, no health cover ….. in fact no perks at all apart from a small bonus that may or may not go into you account sometime between April and December, sometimes in the right year.

We expect you to work 18 to 20 hours a day and did we mention the bit about the overtime work we demand but don’t pay.

In fact we would rather you quit your job and came to work for us full-time, we will however only pay you (begrudgingly) for 2 hours per week.

If you are injured on duty expect nothing from us – breadline for you and your family matey.

Do expect your family life to suffer, some of you will be divorced as a result of your service because we do not recognize that TA soldiers have families. Tough – not our fault.

Your proper job will suffer as well, especially when we mobilize you for 12 months (away from family see above) and when you mobilize we will take away the small bonus thingy – read the small print.

I also get the impression that “all the fun stuff” is behind me.

I think the Yeomanry has a greater problem though as their Officers really don’t have a role as Troop Leaders as such, in fact I don’t think the Yeomanry has any form of YO’s course. The days of keen young people just turning up and looking the part are over. There are so many competitors to the TA these days that the TA has to seriously lift it’s game to survive.

Having said that, I think the future of the TA in say 10 years will be Cpl and below only ( No Officers or Seniors), no units, just pools of unemployable mongs for mobilization as required.

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