TA Officer charged with 2 counts of murder and 20 of GBH

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Barrack Room Lawyer, May 22, 2005.

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  1. So why have you spammed two forums with it?
  2. I would imagine that if he committed the murders whilst in his civvy job, then apart from automatic dismissal from the TA when convicted, that's your lot. Can't see how 'shaming' of any Regiment can feature.
  3. Not everyone reads every forum.
    Current Affairs and TA are the 2 most relevant forums for it.The damage is already done, if you live in the South Today area they have broadcast it on TV as well,so it doesnt really matter now does it.
  4. It's not that bad - at least he wasn't on tour!
  5. I fail to see it as being bad publicity for the TA - the fact that he was a TA officer is purely incidental to the primary issue of him being charged with murder/GBH. As long as he wasn't in uniform at the time this is a non-issue.

  6. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I suppose if he is convicted then he could be done for conduct unbecoming or bringing the service into disrepute - but if he is convicted he will presumbly get life - so why waste any more tax payers money.

    If he is not convicted then whats the issue?
  7. Ne was a nurse, says it all. Sick profession, sick people, sick attitudes. (The staff not the patients)

    Caring Angels? No more like the Angels of Death!

    Seriously though. Nurses despite their loony left wing, caring sharing, public face do have some pretty low entry standards, all sorts get in.

    African nurses infected with God knows what, Indian nurses who can't speak a word of English, Indonesian nurses who couldn't find a university let alone attend one and English Nurses who murder patients. Nice profession to be in.

  8. Which is why more people survive NHS treatment than actually die JFK?

    Oh, and does this apply to Private Nurses too?

    Your sweeping generalisation is pants.
  9. More people die under the "Care" of the NHS than any other comparable system in the civilised world.

    Such is the demand for nurses in the UK that pretty much anyone who wants to apply will get a place on training even with the bare minimum of qualifications for the post.

    NHS Nurses training is very hit and miss, poor (and admittedly some very high) quality teaching, poor quality placements lead to vastly varying standards of nurses, some of whom have joined for totally the wrong reasons. Of those some, far too many, abuse the power and trust of their profession.

    The "Imported" nurses also vary significantly in the standards of training, language skills, proficiency and motivation.

    I qualified as a nurse and left the "profession" (joke) ASAP. My sister died under NHS "care" so did my father, both long before their time. I think the NHS is S**t and am not surprised when I hear stories of nurses (who happen to be TA officers) abusing patients, I have seen it with my own eyes.

  10. As a qualified nurse i have to say .Can you back your statement up jfk?
    or is it the embittered ramblings of someone who couldnt hack it ?
    Some nurses are bad I agree the nhs system is flawed but it works
    sort of .
  11. What , like dig up the bodies of my sister and father you mean? No I cant back it up.

    There have been lots of studies which demnstrate that the NHS is less sucessful than comparitive health care in Germany or France, which in terms of economic and social development are comparable nations.

    As for hacking it, I left the profession if thats what you want to call it a week after my sisters death, contributed to by nursing negligence, shortly after qualifying. Not so much a case of a couldn't hack it as much as I deeply despised, hated infact, the other nurses and their inflated egotistical attitudes. Nurses are not doctors and shouldn't kid themselves that they are, nor are they paramedics they are nurses plain and simple one part of a health care team and no more important than any of the other parts. What they are not is all seeing, all knowing, all doing professionals who instinctively know whats best for the patients and dont need to communicate important information to Doctors!

  12. Had a heart attack last year and had to go into an NHS hospital for the first time in 40 years.

    I have to agree that the quality of care I got varied considerably, but I have no hesitation in saying that the nurses who stood out as both caring and knowledgable were mostly from the phillipines, and all from overseas. All spoke good or at least fair English. They could not do enough for me. The English nurses struck me as lazy and uncaring. The differences between the two groups were stark. I have to go in for surgery at some point and am praying I get mostly overseas nurses, its bad enough being in hospital without nurses making you feel like you are intruding onall those better things they have to do than care for patients.

    I suspect that Nursing is not, for British people, the vocation it once was. My mum, who was a nurse (and Matron Oooer!) back in the days thinks we need to bring back Matrons, but I don't know enough about it to say really.
  13. Yes I have heard that Phillipino nurses are very good, from my sister in law who has just qualified as a nurse!

    While I am undoubtedly bitter and twisted I stand by my statement that there is too much variation in the quality of nurses. When they get comissioned in the TA or Regular army it can be disasterous.

  14. How can one person be so bigotted, speculative and downright bloody offensive.

    Moderators, at least make the attempt to do your role.

    This persons statements are not the ones that are expected of service personnel working in ethnically diverse situations.