TA officer career development (OCD) and appointments process

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by msr, Jan 6, 2007.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

    TA OCD, comprising career structures, career management, and education and training, has become increasingly outdated. It lacks coherence, fails to reward potential (and is thus retention negative), and is inadequately supported by the requisite officer education and training. Whilst not advocating straight replication of the Regular system, some revision is now required to make TA OCD more flexible, better focused on likely TA roles, and more attractive to individual officers.

    '....When the TA is currently 30% understrength at Captain and below...'

    "Education and Training. Whilst there is a clear duty of care to provide TA officers with adequate training, ROCC(V) - which mirrors closely the Regular system - has proved too onerous (especially for junior officers) and yet insufficiently focused to provide appropriate training for command and staff appointments."



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  2. Very interesting...

    ...will send you PM.
  3. So, we can all become Brigadiers now, but we still might only get to command something one camp in two, how marvellous.
  4. msr

    msr LE

    The solution to TA OCD is very simple:

    1) Ask every CO to provide a copy of their YO training programme and a list of attendees.

    2) Ask the COs to provide a list of every officer on their orbat who has not trained with their regiment in the last 3 months.

    3) Send a CAS form to every 2Lt-Capt asking them to describe the training which they have received in the last 12 months from their regiment and what is going to cause them to leave the TA.

    This will get to the heart of the issue.

  5. What good will this do in (my part of) the TA infantry where the jnr Offrs don't want external trg (which they see as a bore), they just want to comd and in my experience, they get this in spades.

    We have no NE Offrs, almost nil NE WOs/SNCOs, v few NE JNCOs and the toms who are NE have decided its not for them. (NB: This all changes after each OP deployment when everyone leaves. :wink: )

    BTW - Even Field Offrs are bored by this crud. Being 'forced' to take dull G1 or other pish staff jobs as a sop to those tools in Glasgow/Wilton/wherever who think this equals 'a career' makes Jack a dull boy (who is better suited to the regimental/formation coctail circuit than anywhere else I guess).
  6. msr

    msr LE


  7. NE - North Eastern

    He's got something against Geordies.

    Either that or Non Effective
  8. When I did JDSC in the mid-1990s, they were just warming up to the idea that putting TA officers into staff jobs would be a "good thing", and ISTR a questionnaire that got passed around at the end of the course. Of course, having sold the TA on the basis of stretching yourself, getting muddy, doing leadership, commanding troops, being a vital cog in the machine, the thought of doing a job in the TA where you have no troops and no leadership opportunity isn't going to appeal. Yes, it may be a vital part in understanding "the system", but it's a hard sell.

    My experience was of an SO3(V) G3 post at a **HQ, in the mid-1990s. Date of posting comes closer, heard nothing. Do the "self-starter" thing, and phone up, get some SO2(V) who isn't exactly helpful, and... nothing. Phone up again, strong-arm them into a visit, turn up, introduce myself, leave contact details, lay out what I can do to the SO2 G3, offer to do something. Go away, do the something promptly, hear nothing. Nada. Phone up a few weeks later on a pretext, nothing.

    The thing that caused trouble was that I had a real 9-5 job. No, I couldn't "just come in and work during the week" (no sh*t, Sherlock), I would have to book and take holidays, and that would take at least a week's notice per day of holiday. By contrast, SO2(V) was IIRC a college lecturer with nothing else to do for 22 weeks of the year.

    End result? I was working to "tell me what you want, I'll turn up and do it" and they were operating under "turn up, and eventually we'll figure out what we want you to do". After four months without them ever either writing to me or phoning me (I initiated every single phone call and visit), I gave up, went back to my old CO, and asked him to get me out of there as it was obviously a complete waste of time.

    Shit goes up the tree, GOC hears (see: Mrs.G mentions it at a dinner night to the person she's talking to, doesn't realise he's the GOC) and shoots downwards, I get a stroppy call from the SO2(V), and I come as close to insubordination as I've ever got. Perhaps if the idle pr*ck had ever bothered to phone the only soldier he had on his ORBAT, I might have felt guilty.

    Moral of the tale? All's well that ends well - I went straight back into the battalion with a promotion, and since the G3 cell were so incompetent that they never bothered to write a CR I don't think it hit my P-file....

    The only TA people I've ever met who wanted to do Staff jobs as a TA posting (as opposed to FTRS jobs) were either unemployed, or the ruthless careerist types. Or both. I should say that in that rather sweeping statement I'm not including those normal types who had done their CO tour, and still rather enjoyed the TA, but couldn't go anywhere else.