TA Officer Cadets parading at Sandhurst

Discussion in 'Officers' started by gaetano, Jan 28, 2013.

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  1. TACC 112 Commissioning Parade - YouTube
    Hello everybody,
    Can anyone in the Forum tell me if and why TA Officer Cadets always parade without rifles? I noticed also in other videos regarding Sandhurst Parades that there is often some Cadets detachment marching without rifles, while all the others units do carry arms. Are they always TAOCs? Thank you very mch for your help.
  2. Rifle drill takes too much time out of the long weekend they have there.
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  3. Because they withdrew the SLR.
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  4. The cadets have three weeks at Sandhurst following a pretty demanding 18 months or so prior to RMAS. To spend time teaching young Sir and Ma'am how to parade with Rifles is not best use of limited training time.
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  5. ....especially as after they get Commissioned they get issued a long, sharp, pointy thing
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  6. msr

    msr LE

    Exactly. The question should be 'Why do the regular OCDTs still bother to parade with rifles?'
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  7. Being a bit undermanned for the Cenotaph a few years back, a brace of officers, in distinctive headgear, made up the numbers. The GSM was not best pleased but merely commented in a slightly disappointed tone;

    'Officers with rifles.'
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  8. It makes it easier to do the bit at the front of the parade with sharp, pointy things, if you've had a bit of a go yourself in the cheap seats with rifles.
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  9. Doing rifle drill on ops ... hard Corps.

    As an aside, why couldn't TA OCdts pass orf with swords? It would bring a certain elan to the affair and offset the hush puppies.

    And you'd know they could do the thing with the pointy object on a formal parde.
  10. Because, going back to the original point, it would have taken far too much time out of our already limited time at RMAS. It's a great place, weirdly missed it once we passed out, but the fact that we only had 3 weeks there meant our feet never touched the ground for a second. Same detail with all the preceeding modules too.
  11. It does not matter whether it's swords or rifles; you won't carry them on parade at RMAS unless you can do it to a standard acceptable to RMAS, so that would mean spending at least half of the TACC on parade rehearsal.
  12. Gaetano, your welcome to read and consider the range of views presented above but the actual reason is below:

    Because they're shit.

    Hope this helps.
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  13. Fixed that for you :)
  14. Lot's of good input here. Very encouraging and 'modern'.

    However, the real reason is much simpler, you is all mongs. You have butter fingers and your arms are weak. Many of you find it hard to remember to step off on the left foot, let alone how to change arms at the slope.

    Stick to what you are good at. ( What is that by the way? Writing risk assessments? )
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  15. Hell no, I'm really bad at risk assessments. Never come on one of my exercises.