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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by subrosa, Sep 20, 2005.

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  1. Colleague looking to go for a TA "boarded post" (Bde Staff), mentioned he has to submit a civilian CV to the board, which is looked at along with last 2 OJARS. Why?

    Surely all Officers should be considered on their Military Record, not what they have achieved in their civilian career?
  2. Depending which Brigade I know mine have a set "CV" layout to send in and it includes information on Civillian employment.

    Its not clear if your colleague is a TA officer however often as a result of experience gained in civillian employment a TA officer can bring "much more to the party". I worked with a Major who had an uncanny knack of making the CO and Brigade Commander uncomfortable at times as he was clearly brighter than both of them.

    I don't really see what the issue is on this one if all aspects are given appropriate consideration.
  3. its standard these days - intended to capture the "whole" person.

    For some staff roles, experience in civilian life can add massive additional value or even be the only reason that a candidate would be accepted, as most senior staff posts have little or nothing to do with being military.
  4. Not uncommon for the TA officer to have masses of relevant experience from their day job and virtually none from their military job, especially for staff jobs.
  5. Certainly when talking about applying for SO2 and SO1 jobs and higher, the quality of one's military book (CRs, OJARs, operational insert slips, TACSC reports etc) is undoubted and rarely deteriorates. What MCM want to do is to allow the Boards to look at what civilian management experience TA officers may have (or not).

    This will give them a better idea as to how suitable an individual may be for staff and higher command jobs where the daily grind may well be of a very different nature than merely digging a hole and living in it for a weekend.
  6. There's also the fact that for the most part, a TA officer (similarly to a TA soldier) doesn't join the TA to work in his civilian field. The Officer who works in sales and marketing or telecommunications joins the Infantry so as to do something different, for example. (And broadens their civilian employability, as they get exposure to something their civilian employment may not offer, in terms of teamwork and leadership.)

    Most TA officers don't get the exposure to SO3 at Brigade that a RA officer does. It's not why they joined the TA after all - they joined to do something, not to be a Watchkeeper.

    But if/when they reach SO2/SO1 ranks, and want to stay in the TA, they're going to have to become Staff Officers, and that's when the civilian CV comes into play. Their military CV will demonstrate their knowledge base and abilities, whilst their civilian CV will perhaps compensate for the fact that they weren't exposed to SO3/SO2 jobs in their TA career.
  7. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Slightly off-topic, but the pressure now is increasing for all TA Officers, who wish to make a 'career' of it, to do a Staff job at some stage, usually at SO2 level. There is concern that mobilised Officers do not have a wide enough knowledge of the Big Army, having spent their entire TA time in the Regiment.

    Now this may be a good or bad thing, but I would think that, before people start worrying about getting a TA Officer a Staff post, they should concern themselves with ensuring that more of them get called up in the first place! I know it could be a bit of a chicken/egg situation here, but I'd be interested to see the ratio of TA Officers called up as against ORs. To put it bluntly, on my TELIC everyone was usually more than happy to get any amount or IRs or small groups, but definitely not so happy to get formed Sub-Units, or indeed Officers. There are in general enough Lts/capts/Majors to go around - Reg Regimental posts aren't often gapped on Ops - but a shortage, in some areas, of Troops. Address this problem, that of Officers (and SNCOs) being unlikely to get mobilised, and you may find that you will get more people wanting a Commission.

    It will soon dawn on keen young Subbies, in many Regiments and Corps, that, as a junior Officer, they are very unlikely to get mobilised, whereas they will be leading Soldiers who have been on Operations, and who expect to be again.

    A problem for the future, that needs to be addressed now, I suggest.
  8. Old Snowy...

    I couldn't agree more with your post above. I've recently come to the heart-breaking realisation that the Regular Army just doesn't want TA subbies on tour. Some do go (I know a couple) but if you look at the usual list of posts, the officer vacancies usually start at senior Lt and Capt.

    Did two years as OR, a year as an OCdt, get commissioned and am told I have to pass probation before getting a sniff at a tour. Reality is I'll need to make Capt before having a real chance. Timescales then from walking in the door to going on tour probably 4 - 6 years into my TA career. Way too long.

    The 'Probation' argument sucks... because regular officers who are on their probation still get posted, and what better way to test out someones suitability than on an operational tour?!

    If i'd have gone the NCO route i'd probably have a shiny Telic/Afghanista/Bosnia medal already (or even all three!).

    I don't mean to bitch, I'm generally really happy with the choice I made, but that whole op tour thing just frustrates me and Snowy's post just set me off!

    I'll now wind my neck in, collect my toys from round my pram and climb back into my box...
  9. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    SB -

    One teensy error in your post (which should be required reading for all those engaged in getting TA Officers to join, and to remain!).....

    If you had been to Iraq, youd' still be waiting for your Medal

    Not that I'm upset about this, at all