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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by RSigsSTAB, Apr 30, 2004.

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  1. Yes - after all, the TA is short of officers.

  2. Yes - but encourage some retraining of attitude.

  3. Yes - maybe they just want to be leaders?

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  4. No - encourage a transfer to a more appropriate unit.

  1. I've encountered a few officers in different units that very much have the attitude "I don't do Engineering/Signals/Blanket Stacking - that's what the troops are for". (e.g. a Signals officer trying to draft a message and asking already-overworked Signaller to find out an SIC (listed in the CEI) since said Officer "doesn't do Signals").

    I don't think its the right attitude, as I think officers need to at least have some interest/understanding of what the troops are doing. However, given that most people joining the TA look at a unit location rather than unit role first-off, would a more lenient view be appropriate?
  2. I heard a wonderful story about a Gurkha officer going on exercise with the RGJ. Come night time, he asked "Where is my sleeping bag, Colour? "

    He had a cold night, poor dear.

    Anyway, to the point. Try adopting a particularly thick attitude, asking him all sorts of bone questions - "Whats an SIC, Sir?" "What was it again?"
    "Where is it kept?"

    "Can you tell me why you don't do signals, Sir, so I can pass the message along to the rest of the gang? I'll be pleased to inform the Adj/RSM".

    Then, if needs be, send it as if from him but just get it very, very wrong. Because NCOs dont have Oficcer Brains, Sir, and don't do thinking.

    You get the picture.
  3. I believe as an officer, you have to know the basic of most of unit if you want to be able to understand what 's going right or wrong at some point and take an efficient decision.

    If they do not, at some point, in they can put lives of other in danger
  4. One particular example transferred in and assumed doing a Special-to-Arm course meant he could tell Sgts how to run things - didn't last long!
  5. Any officer should have at the very least a passing knowledge of every job under his command if not have done then all.

    How's he supposed to make local command decisions if he doesn't have a clue or any interest in what's going on ??
  6. Sometimes its very difficult to achieve. In my last unit you could find 5 different trade groups within a troop, within the Sqn class 3 soldiers of the same trade group cant operate outside their troop.
    The end result ? Soldiers the easier trades got promoted quickly, (officers understanding/judging their skill sets better etc).
  7. Except for the pure technical stuff (fixing electronic eqpt/software problems) it is an officers duty to know as much as possible about the work that their soldiers do and preferably be able to perform the important tasks themselves.

    As an infantry officer it was a matter of personal pride that I could instruct on all the coy weapons. As a mortar officer (surely the best job in the army) I wasn't very good at laying the beast, but I could do it at a push, but I could hold my own with anyone in the platoon at all the other jobs.

    The key thing here is attitude. Any officer with an 'I don't do' attitude needs taking for a short walk by his OC for some serious attitude readjustment.

    When our HQ prepared to move into Iraq everyone below the rank of Colonel helped strip the place out and carry the kit to the transport. It had to be done so it was all hands to help.
  8. Mushroom, Its not Inf officers were getting at (your wrong mortar Section Comd is a better post), its the other corps, but your partly correct the ex-Inf officers in my current corps have far more respect than the rest.
  9. Sorry, Mushroom and Polar Bear - you are both wrong. Best job is MFC.
  10. More F'ing Corrections?

    ADD 100
    RIGHT 100
    DROP 100
    LEFT 100
    times 5

    Yep definatley the best job
  11. Kel

    Kel Old-Salt

    It doesn't help matters when your unit only has one officer, the OC, and when he does deign to turn up doesn't bother his arrse with the troops.
    We do have slots for another five officers if anyone's interested.

    Can't remember the last time he actually made an appearance and spoke to anyone. Time to find a another unit, might wait until after another tour though.
  12. I'm in a Manouvre Support Platoon.

    Commanding it is a good tick in the box for Captains with their eye on a crown.

    The last three have refused to do the commanders course. Net result? Someone in the fire planning cell that doesn't know what he's talking about, and BG fire assets being used at pistol range.

    Just had a new one. "You can have a desk when your course qualified"

    What would you do with a Private Soldier who said "I've done my CIC, and I'm marking time until someone gives me a nicer job"?

    I don't have time for someone who comes allong to the TA and does the bare minimum. Location is a bitch, but if you want it on your CV get the knowledge.

    Five empty officer slots? Sounds like paradise. Where do I sign up
  13. That probably about sums it up Part_Timer. Its not like the TA is just another thing people do outside work - it is a true second career.

    Who'd volunteer for a job if they knew they definitely wouldn't like/be interested in the work?

    The other thing that gets me is people joining a unit (esp at SNCO and Officer level) and then doing every tour/additional duty that comes up (Fresco, etc). End result is that person's troop/platoon suffers from no/poor leadership.
  14. But is it worth them attending one? Firstly your battalion has no operational role except for CCRF and providing Temping Agency for regulars. A TA Support Platoon Captain is never gonna command a regular equivalent on ops (the position is too important).

    I think the same goes for other corps, reach Sgt or Capt and your chances of being mobilised start decreasing. (I'm referring to individual replacements not formed units)