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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by radar24, Jan 10, 2007.

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  1. Hello,

    I thought long and hard about joining the T.A.
    I have come to the conclusion That I would much prefer to become a T.A Officer, as I believe this can advance my civvi career.

    Now a little about me...

    I am 24, with a good steady responsible skilled job, but with no formal qualifications, except a single level 2 NVQ. I am deemed as intelligent and quick learning by my employers.

    My Question is:

    Are there any possibilities I would even get considered for officer training without any or very little qualification?

    Thank You in advance for any replies.
  2. The official line is...

    A minimum of three or more GCSEs or O levels at grades A-C and the ability to pursue tertiary or higher education."

    However, in my (albeit limited) experience its always been a minimum of A Levels and usually a degree.

    I would recomend, join up and train as a soldier, but mention to your OC when you get a chance that you would like to be considered for commisioning.

    This will give your unit a chance to assess your potential as an Officer.
  3. I'd have a re-think about your motivations for commissioning. What is your civvy career and how do you think it will benefit from it?
  4. Why? The TA does have its uses.......
  5. I'm not disputing that, in fact I'm looking forward to it myself, but in my opinion it shouldn't be the driving factor behind becoming an officer.
  6. And when it is the motivation then the individual ends up being the sort of ta officer that makes the regular army want to leave them at home every single time and just take the soldiers who are usually much better.

    Case study - A certain south wales off road car dealership owner and his dillusional view on what an Army Officer is supposed to be.
  7. Being an Officer TA or otherwise is about what you can bring to the party. Are you a thinker, cool under pressure, willing to put others interests before your own? (think carefully about that last one based on your post)

    Being a military leader is less about Management (which all civvy companies like) but much more about being a Leader and the two are so much more different than you might expect. Managers manage but may not be good leaders of others and the skills required are much simpler. organisiation, resource management, and in civvy street there is usually an element of selfishness to progressup the ladder.

    As a military leader and especially an Officer you are not only there to manage but to Lead and from the front. All eyes on you and the example you set for yourself and those who serve under you. You Command, not respect you earn that, but you make life and death decisions and that can be bloody tough at times. You decide who goes out of escorts in Iraq or patrols a street in Afghan - its you decision and you will probably be there at both or you should be. Leading by example. You have a responsibility to always do the right thing and ensure those around you do under the toughest of conditions. for those you command. and you suscribe to an ethos that is completely different to civvy street and few outside the organisiation will understand it.

    Don't get me wrong you can get so much out of being a military leader and it will benifit you more in civvy street than just advancing you career. Even down to motivating civilians to go through with un popular decisions (doing the right thing even though painful in some way) where a manger would fail.

    But its not something to be entered into lightly and if you are really not serious you will either fail or get through and be a crap Officers and then is us who suffer not you. Being an Officer TA or otherwiset is not just a members club - it damn hard work but the most rewarding this I have ever done thus far in my life.

    Think about it seriously and if you are up to the challenge fill you boots

  8. Although I agree this is a bonus, it should not be your main reason and motivation. It's a question you'll get asked repeatedly, and you need to consider what motivates you. The commissions board may take a dim view if your looking simply for career advancements, they want something back from you for all that training.

    Yes. It's qualities, not qualifications. Don't even think about your CV, just get on and do it.
  9. Career advancement? Possibly, and it's a valid reason. However there needs to be more than that sole attitude: being an officer means a lot more in beliefs, approach and character.

    Think on these:
    From my first CO (after being commissioned) - 'what gives you the right to command my men in battle?'
    Good question, don't you think? What's your answer?

    From my first adjustant and subsequently repeated by me to all new subalterns:
    'Never think about your career: your men come first, second and third, you come nowhere. Believe that and your career will look after itself. When moving you're the last to find a billet and don't go to bed until you've seen your men sorted out. You eat only after you know that they will eat. Your job is to champion these men because no-one else will look after them if you don't. '

    What are your thoughts?
  10. No quals, No commission.



    Aim to be a great soldier

    Its as much fun, less pressure, same amount of beer, and will advance your career as much as being an Officer will (not much).
  11. I'm fascinated by your last comment. Please do elaborate. What is his view?
  12. I think that if this dude gained a commission ( unlikely, I know ) he'd get filled in.
  13. Suggest you look at all the TAPO related threads on here. That may inform you better. At the end of the day, the route to a commission is a long hard slog since the recent changes.

    In the end, it's worthwhile - not just for the end result but for the content of the journey itself - but it's not for the feinthearted or those with a busy civilian career.
  14. msr

    msr LE

    I think you will find the journey more interesting than the destination. And for that reason I find it hard to recommend a TA comission to anyone.

  15. Well, at least he'll get lots of responsibility - he'll be the only one.