TA Officer application & failed online medical

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by M3 GPS, Jul 31, 2013.

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  1. I'm a 29 year old engineer working in the power distribution industry.

    I applied for selection for TA officer in May of this year and have been building on fitness & upper body strength for 6 months.

    In my employment I can be directly responsible for between 10 to 60 staff daily, project depending, which I felt would make me a strong candidate for selection.

    On my online medical assessment, the only disclosure I made in regards to my health was a diagnosis, 2 years ago, as having a panic attack. I contested the diagnosis at the time, and still do. Today I subsequently received an email declining my application to the army.

    In my own conscience, I wouldn’t apply for a position as a solider if I was going to buckle under physical or mental pressure.

    My question, would a simple statement from my GP declaring that I’m mentally & physically competent satisfy the medical admin team?
  2. is there an appeal system?
  3. Yes, I've attached an extract from the email.

    "You can appeal if you have new information that you feel should be considered.

    New information means medical information which backs up your appeal that you meet the medical standards for entry. This can be the results of medical tests, reports from your GP or from a consultant. It does not include letters from non-medical specialists, supporting letters from people who know you and believe that you would make an excellent recruit to the Army.

    If this is the case you should provide details to the Medical Admin Team at the following address:

    Medical Admin Team
    National Recruitment Centre
    PO Box 3859
    SN8 9DU
  4. M3...get in touch with the 0845 number on the Army website and speak to the Response team at the NRC, ask them for the medical admin phone number who should give you the address for medical appeals. Then get as much information together and resubmit to the medical team who will look at your case.....they won't budge on medical policy but if things can be proved that it doesn't go against medical standards then it can be re assessed. The more info from consultants etc you have the better chance you have of overturning it....and soldier and officer medical standards are identical.
  5. ok and if by magic you had the address already...now thats two minutes of typing time I wont get back :pissed:
  6. It might or it might not. It's worth a try but remember that a lot of peopole apply (yes, even for the Reserves), so the army can afford to be picky.
  7. With an increase to a deployable reserve of 30k, not so picky
  8. Maybe on standards but not on eligibility issues especially medical....TA Officer and soldier have same medical standards as Regular soldier and Officer.
  9. So the chance of overturning the decision is next to impossible?
  10. If consultants/GP can prove it wasnt a panic attack and you don't suffer from them then who knows?????
  11. On paper yes, though the medical aspect of applying for the army can be a very long drawn out affair (had first hand experience of it myself years ago).

    I admitted to having had laser eye surgery though chances are if I'd just kept it to myself I would have been in the army 2-3 years earlier as after going through the whole rigmarole to have my sight assessed there's absolutely no way it would have been picked up through the normal ADSC medical check.

    If you want it bad enough then be prepared to wait months, possibly 1-2 years plus.

    There's honest and then there's honest. Sometimes if it's not on your medical records then it's not worth disclosing (I have Osgood Schlatter's in my left knee as well & that would have delayed me for 2 years if it was official).
  12. It's always the Doctors that got it wrong, they didn't take the medication or mum kept getting the repeat prescriptions.
  13. A statement should do it. I was rejected last year for knee pain, and appealed to the SMO at Westbury- wrote them a letter, got my doctor to write a supporting letter, sorted within a month. Not sure how it'll go with Capita...