TA Officer and OCD. Advice needed.

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by highwayrider, Mar 16, 2013.

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I just need some advice really.

    I'm hoping to become a TA officer once I've finished my University studies; just finishing my 2nd year in History. My cousin is currently a serving paratrooper and my father served in the household cavalry, though not as an Officer. I'm all set to apply next year and I currently meet all of the entry requirements, though there is one issue.

    I've been on medication for OCD/Anxiety for the last two years, and I know that is would bar my entry from the regular army? Is it the same with the TA? I'm currently off the medication now and when it comes to applying I would have been "clean" for a year, though I'm unsure just how seriously the army take this kind of thing.

  2. You have more chance of casual sex with me than getting in with that on your record. In the good old days family GPs could "lose" medical records but not nowadays.
  3. I thought it may dash my chances. I really have had my heart set on it though.
  4. Speak to your AFCO highwayrider. I believe Jarrod is correct, however they are the people who can give you the answer you need.
  5. I did presume the TA may be more lenient.
  6. I do understand that such disorders can bar entry to the army, though OCD in itself does seem a little severe. Especially as there are such varying degrees. It's not like I'm a wrist-cutting manic depressive or anything!
  7. I'm not to sure, i wouldnt of thought they would be more lenient. You're still doing going to be doing the same job as a Regular when deployed/in barracks. So why would they allow this in the TA
  8. People do seem to assume that anyone with OCD is a pure nutter, when it is clearly not the case.

  9. I'll admitt that I do suffer with anxiety, but that's really not my fault. I was born like that. Part of the reason I was to join is to face all of my fears and suffer hardships, though that not being the main reason of course.
  10. Appreciate its not your fault, and neither is the OCD but unfortunately it will not be something the TA will consider

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  11. Most of the time serving is a good laugh but, and it is a big but, when the chips are down it is EXTREMELY stressful and anything which indicates a pre-history of psychological problems like self harm, OCD or other "displacement activity" leads one to conclude that the person is likely to not cope.

    Halfway down a rope out of a helicopter, on patrol in Syria/Bosnia/Afghanistan/Iraq or elsewhere, 48 hours into a weekend stint as orderley officer with a battalion move due on Monday morning.........these are not everyday but perfectly likely events which put the bloodpressure through the roof and start the potentially unstable off down an unpleasant path. The Army has enough psychiatric cases of it's own making without importing fresh ones.
  12. I personally wouldn't use the Army in any guise to face your fears etc. Like others have said it can be very stressful at times but then I can honestly say that the sharp end, for me, was a shite sight less stressful than the day to day things. But then that's how my mind works I suppose.

    The Army (TA or Reg) isn't one big corporate team building event where you can grow as a person. You've either got it or not.

    If you look at it objectively though you could argue that the Army as a whole suffers from OCD. Constant polishing, cleaning, everthing in straight lines, and so on.

    Had you considered travelling for a bit? Seeing some of the world whilst living out of a day sack could put things to rest for you.

    Whatever you do good luck.

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  13. The regular army and TA enlistment and selection is going the same route, do it will not matter if you are applying for either. When you come to apply nest year, as of 25th'ish of his month you will medically self certify on line with the new psychometric test from 1st April and an interview before selection. Be aware of the fact that if you withhold medical conditions you can be booted out for not declaring a preexisting condition.

  14. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    not any more. All "One Army" now. Well, in this respect at least.

    Go in and ask, they can only say no - and it's worth a try. I've known a lot of Military with forms of OCD - usually CSMs and Provo Sgts, though.