TA Officer and OCD. Advice needed.

Hi everyone,

I just need some advice really.

I'm hoping to become a TA officer once I've finished my University studies; just finishing my 2nd year in History. My cousin is currently a serving paratrooper and my father served in the household cavalry, though not as an Officer. I'm all set to apply next year and I currently meet all of the entry requirements, though there is one issue.

I've been on medication for OCD/Anxiety for the last two years, and I know that is would bar my entry from the regular army? Is it the same with the TA? I'm currently off the medication now and when it comes to applying I would have been "clean" for a year, though I'm unsure just how seriously the army take this kind of thing.

I managed to get in despite suffering from quite extreme CDO. It's like OCD however all the letters are arranged alphabetically. Like they shuold be.
The organisation probably doesn't need any more obsessive micro managers

The hurdle you will fall at is disclosing it and in particular the medication you are on.

TBH I don't know the letter of the law, some one will be along shortly to cut and paste it in.

BUT TBH I wouldn't hold out much hope
Taken from PAP10:

An individual must be mature, stable, well adjusted and have no history of psychiatric illness or substance abuse.

Hmmm, I know plenty of officers (regular) who might easily have a touch of OCD, however none have it sufficiently badly to require medication. Frankly if you suffer anxiety seriously enough to require medication in order to function in your relatively stress free civilian life, do you honestly think that you have what it takes to be responsible for your soldiers' lives under more difficult and dangerous circumstances than you will have ever experienced? TA officers must be capable (mentally) of functioning in very challenging/dangerous/stressful environments without the need for this sort of medication.

Not having a go but, through no fault if their own, some people are not suited to army/officer life. You sound like one of those people. I'm sure you have a niche, but this probably is not it.

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OCD = fast track to RSM?

I'll just get in the first taxi I see ...
Hmmm, I know plenty of officers (regular) who might easily have a touch of OCD, however none have it sufficiently badly to require medication.
Or they don't recognise they have a problem and haven't, therefore, sought help for it. ;)

btw, I've PMed you with a question, hope that's ok.


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I got in with mental problems and still managed to rise to the dizzy hights of Sapper, and they let me blow things up . So its worth a try mate .

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