TA NVQs and further education resources.

I was given a rather glossy-looking book on "Management" from my SSM and upon reading it, I noticed that the Army offers vocational qualifications in Management?

Does anyone know if this also applies to the TA? If not, how hard would it be to get a workbook filled in (as with all NVQ's and the current IS Op Class 2 books) then sent off to be assessed by the same body?
It does also apply to the TA. However I do know that the whole system is going through a bit of a review at the moment. Regional Training Centers (Bde Training Teams) should have details on them
RSDC used to give a NVQ3 in Telecommunications and is considered as a qualification for entry to BT - but not to the RSDC(TA), the compressed version (6 to 2 weeks) but the same final exams and exercises. Them and us.
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