TA No.2 dress uniform


I am very aware that TA like myself are not issued with No.2 dress uniform but i bought a full set specifically for my grandfathers funeral as he was very much a military man and i have kept a hold of it since.
Now wearing it in the future funerals, weddings etc is this walting???


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Depends if you are serving and the 'function' is a military one or not - if in doubt ask the chain of command.


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My TA unit has been issued with No2s for quite sometime, we're Rifles


I'm RLC, They keep a few sets in the stores for special occasions but im a fairly big lad and nothing fits my shoulders so decided to buy my own.dont know whether to donate it to the stores for anyone else that may require it or just be selfish and keep it in a suit carrier in my wardrobe for the rest of my career and bring it out for the odd wedding or funeral