TA nightmare

i am attempting to join the TA, i got deferred at the medical for (apparently) having cancer something i have NEVER had!
i can easily prove i have never had cancer (providing medical records etc) but i feel like my recruiter is not listening he has said what the doc says it set in stone, i cannot believe that i am sitting here writing this! thought it would be easy go to recruiting office and apply had no idea it would take so long! i have been deferred for a year, i have been told to get my GP to write a report to prove i have never had cancer (which ill happily do) but it can cost anything up to £50 and there is no guarantee that anyone will listen. I have attempted calling the recruiter and sending emails but no reply. i am getting rather disheartened i am medically fit and desperate to join but the doctor has ruined my chance to join this year it seems .
has anyone else had issues with the doctors while trying to join?
There is an appeal process apparently - no idea how it works but you could start asking. What are they basing their claim that you had the big C on? Test results or a mix-up? Sounds most odd.
i have no idea, i got treated for something and the doctor stated that i would only of got that treatment for cancer! WHICH IT WASNT!!! and as everyone knows you do tend to remember if you've had the big c! but i told my GP what the army doc had said and he just started mumbling about them not having a clue what they were talking about!
the thing is that now i have been deferred it seems that no one is willing to give me another chance, and im just getting hacked off with it all! im fit and willing and i would happily appeal but i have not got a clue how who do you talk to? just sent the recruiter another email, he is a really nice guy - just hope he will help me!
You sent your recruiter an emai, was that to his personal email address at home ? If not then the next time he will see it is when he is next in the recruiting office.
work email, im not bothered about waiting its just being deferred for something that's wrong that's so frustrating! hey ho
when i get a reply i will update this!
Its Easter leave at the moment don't forget
i told my GP what the army doc had said and he just started mumbling about them not having a clue what they were talking about!
It's also possible that the Army Doctor had no clue what your GP was wibbling on about in your notes. It sounds to me like the two of them need a chat although I have no idea how you would arrange this.

Did you get anywhere with or have you been forced to give up?


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I wouldn't be so hasty, the guys at the AFCO have years of experience and knowledge. If the Sgt at your careers office says you have cancer then it's probably true.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

Do you have jet ski? Any chance I can have it once you've croaked?

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