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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Anon2012, Aug 13, 2012.

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  1. Don't know if this is the right area for asking for help, but is TA related.

    Was wondering if someone could help me here. My Ssgt asked me to write something up for our internal TA newsletter project we got going on, but I don't exactly know what to put in it, although was told it was meant to be non-serious/non-formal (can't think of the proper word for now).

    All I can think off is what we've done lately, HERRICK OFT1, soldier 1st weekends and upcoming paintball session. Even then, I don't really know how to expand these 'topics'...Any ideas?

  2. I'll give you six things to kick you off:

    1. HERRICK OFT1.
    2. Soldier 1st weekends.
    3. The upcoming paintball session.
    4. How to tell the words 'off' and 'of' apart and use them properly.
    5. Why can't anyone do anything on their own any more without asking internet strangers for help? Discuss.
    6. The importance of paying attention in school.

    I'm sure you can 'expand' on them enough to fill an article sized chunk of your newsletter? Whats the wordcount needed?
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  3. It's a minefield.

    You've got to look at the recent past events and pick out some humourous episode. This will involve naming names, so you can't include anything that will offend or result in charges being brought.

    This leaves you with events where someone who usually fucks up didn't on this occasion - and spectacularly didn't **** up.
  4. The above is valid advice, just not helpful, so I will try to help with that. (edited to add: This is for the post above Puttees)

    OK the real question is how can I write an article. Here's a few simple rules

    Have a structured beginning,middle and end, sounds silly but many just write for the sake of it with no direction which makes it hard to read.

    Begin by setting the scene, include:

    When it was (month is more that OK)
    Who it involved, unit is also alright, or if you are sub unit (Coy/Bty/Sqn) then names are fine, however be careful of first and nicknames, remember who might read it.
    What the general objective was for the period

    In the middle describe a number of events that occurred, try to include the serious and humorous but don't over do the humorous else it looks like the whole thing was a joke. Try to structure it as a story.

    Lastly end it on a high even if the whole things was pants and pointless, mention the training benefit and talk about how everyone is keen to advance to the next level of whatever blah blah.

    My last bit of advice is beware of humour, its a two edged sword. not everyone is a born stand up even if they think they are, make sure what you have put down is both actually funny and not too offensive. Its ok to leg pull the OC, but if the whole article turns into a pisstake of him then it will reflect in your next SJAR.

    Lastly use spell check, then read through it yourself to make sure it makes sense and that spell check hasn't ambushed you with a funny, once you are happy then make sure the whole thing is proof read by a sensible mate first, then the Staffy.
  5. Why don't you write an article about SERE training, history, where it happens, the syllabus, who goes on it and why.

    Avoid humour, you don't do humour very well do you?
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  6. Newsletter sounds good, we used to get similar info when I first joined (in the cold war).

    This may be a bit new thinking, but what about using facebook (in a closed - invite only group). Ok, your going to have security concerns but it keeps people informed to current events far better than a newsletter, gets more people attending training and it generates it's own content.
  7. name and shame all the fat downgraded biffs that managed to attend AT but no other training/achieved bounty etc
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  8. Also, you could name and shame all the biffs who havnt done an AFT in living memory, but still claim their bounty and somehow have the QDJM, which they clearly tell chicks is for feats of derring do.

    Although, if that's anything like my mob, your newsletter would be the size of the King James Bible. Maybe just publicise the decent blokes who turn up to all training and can pass their AFT/PFA and also would fit seamlessly into a Regular unit. If you've enough room, you might be able to comment on both of them.
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  9. msr

    msr LE

    As with cliches, avoid newsletters like the plague
  10. Thanks to everyone for their helpful inputs - This isn't a dig at anyone, so don't take it as one if I've not quoted you.

    It's just 'how' I can expand on them is the problem, ok I could describe what we did, but that's more or less a statement, which I don't think is exactly 'read-worthy'. I'm usually good at writing stuff up, given my own 'free will' but for some reason just can't think how to expand these topics.
    As for word count - Not exactly sure, more or less I was told it was 'just a few paragraphs'.

    Thanks, thats helps me a bit; can't really think of any 'humorous' events to be honest...OFT - not exactly a fun event, soldier first weekends, guess I could add a bit about there. Paintball session...well that's the future so can't say what'll happen, i.e someone gets shot in the arse etc.

    Really good help, thanks - will take on board the nicknames/names etc as to avoid being charged as you put, especially anything some guys may get offended on.

    Nah, I don't do humour, remember I'm an emo apparently, we don't do humour. I actually cried at this post. With laughter.
  11. Emo eh?

  12. Write the entire thing in txt spk. Use words like "init" a lot. Include a colouring in section for the speshul people who can't read (the storeman, driver etc). Do a big article on the people the blokes never get to see.... the NRPS, PSAO, PSI etc. Expand on this by writing about their golf handicaps, sports afternoons and complete lack of interest in anything to do with the organisation that pays their wages!! Make sure a copy lands on the CO's desk.

    That's what I did anyway!
  13. I used to publish a Sqn newsletter. I called it the Stab. Front page was "Camp was nobber say the boys". There was a paragraph inside about how an officer from an ethnic minority background was banned from the Fibua village in case he tried to open a shop. Was called to see the OC, who said as K****** D*** this is very fun, however as the OC, it's not so funny. Presses stopped rolling after that.
  14. Or do something completely different. I once did an article writing as Idi Amin commenting on the sqn monthly activities. I didnt name names but wrote things like "De man wid de badge, gettin louder an' louder, but de troop all hear him cumin an run way leavin de dog ends fo mo shoutin".
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  15. **** me, the long winter drill nights must have flown by.