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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by superally546, Jul 2, 2009.

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  1. Hi Guys

    Great forum, given me a lot of info about the TA and army that i didnt know before, and also some rather amusing things in the arrsepedia that have gone down well in the bar!

    Anyway, got my shiny new kit the other night, but have a question about the beret and cap badge. I was told the abdge is suppsoed to just "slip" into the beret, and there appears to be some stiching where it would normally go.
    But i have no idea how im supposed to fix it on!

    Any ideas chaps? Much appreciated!
  2. What capbadge is it?
  3. RLC

  4. Some badges have a fold over piece of metal at the back which should slide into a small 'pocket' on the front of the beret. Others have a splitpin and loop affair where you have to poke two small holes in the front of the beret where the loops go through. Ask an NCO/ experienced mate to show you how before drill night/ arrive early on drill night with a sharp knife/ pair of scissors and someone will show you :D
  5. Magic Cheers Oldcolt.

    Yeh it has the long metal arm that looks like it will slip into a pocket. You can see the leather pocket on the inside of the beret but there is no hole on the front to slip it in, which confused me no end!

    Ill grab one of the NCO's next drill night to help me sort it.

    Cheers fellas
  6. Pob02

    Pob02 War Hero Book Reviewer

    Are you not allowed to use sharp objects on your own ?

    Knifepoint + Beret = hole. Easier than an Essex-Girl on a Friday night after a bottle of Lambrini !
  7. Lambrini?! 8O :? :roll: You're splashing out mate; just 'accidentally' drop a chip between her feet and wait for her to pick it up; usually does the trick (and that seems to be the going rate in that neck of the woods as well, so everyone is happy) :wink:
  8. Not really.

    Nah ill be fine, just need to cut a small hole.

    Never been to essex, sounds like scouse girls though ;-)
  9. RLC? -

    lay beret in front of truck with badge on top.

    Move truck over beret (imagine it's a customer) and flatten badge into beret (note I didn't say 'drive' as you may not have reached that point yet).

    Place beret on head - it now looks like all RLC berets.

    Return truck to garage for use in white fleet.