TA New Recruit - So Much Conflicting Info - What A Farse!!

I first approached my nearest TA field hospital last September after being talked into joining the RAMC by a member of the TA on a recruitment drive. The whole process since then has been a farse. I would have to write an entire essay to cover everything, but to sum things up I have been messed around, given conflicting information and am wondering whether the whole TA thing is really worth all this grief and frustration. I feel embarrassed when my colleagues and family ask me how things are going, because my story changes from week to week. The people within the unit are really nice, but their organisation and communication doesn't instill confidence!! I think I know what I'm doing, then someone tells me something completely different. Every new recruit within the unit has numerous complaints.
Can anyone settle a couple of questions for me as I'm so confused.
As a fully qualified state registered Biomedical Scientist in one of the largest hospitals in the country, am I eligible to apply for a commission straight away or do I have to complete the non-commission training first? I have been qualified for 6 years.
Is the training route the same in an Independent unit as opposed to a Specialist unit?
Sorry to hear of your confusion and problems. All I can say is welcome to the RAMC. It's no better in the regs buddy, i've been in 22 years now and still cannot fathom how anything gets done in the AMS. An enigma is all I can say. The only advice i can give is to give glasgow a ring and speak to one of the E2 clerks there. I'm sure that they are the one's running the AMS anyhow and in my experience they are the ones that are in charge. :? :? :?
AMS..your not a Doctor................your not a Nurse...............in that case you'll be lucky to find someone who give s a f uck! Money and effort in the AMS is directed only at the PQ trades deemed worthy; as a BMS your not worthy enough! In time some QA who's taken some time off the Chair Protection Circuit will get round to producing a study that say's Nurses can do it better anyway.

Face it clinical governance covers all bases except the work.
Actually, BMSs are a pinch-point trade at the moment. I should be able to help you out. PM me.


P.S. "Farce" - sorry, it's a compulsion. ;)
As far as I'm aware all the TA Fd Hosps have recruited NRPS Recruiting, Retention & Welfare Officers (ours has). It might be worth contacting said person at the RHQ of your prospective unit - get some info from the horses mouth. If that doesn't work, PM me & I'll get some help from ours.

Perhaps this would have been better off in the TA forum than here.

Despite what the bitter and twisted might have to say, most TA Med Units are very keen to recruit BMS trained personnel as there is a general shortage. Without naming and shaming, it sounds like the problems exist at the level of the unit or sub-unit you are dealing with rather than the wider TA. You seem to suggest potential recruits from other disciplines are also floundering, so no one is picking on BMS staff!

Pretty much the only people getting straight in with a commission in 2 Med Bde units now are Doctors. Everyone else has to join as a soldier and complete basic training before going to the commissioning board. Having said that, they probably wont recruit you if they don't think you'll pass (but might be worth asking about that specifically!).

There is no real difference in recruitment and basic training between specialist and independent units. The differences lie in the level of commitment (e.g. number of days training) a year.

Hope this helps
Lab_Bird started this in the TA Forum and was advised to put it here, where she'd receive the benefit of those who would be expected to know the answers.

Now sneaking back out of your Forum - sorry for the intrusion.
I may be wrong , but I am led to believe that you will start of as a private and be promoted after passing the various soldier course that you will have to do. Professionally as a HPC registered BMS you are "professionally" qualified for promotion to Sgt,

At anytime you can apply to be considered for commision at your unit as long as there is a LSN for a commision and the LSN is not filled. There is a DGAMS Policy letter about TA Commisioning of professions allied to medicine (DGAMS Policy 29, I think !) that may help you. If you apply your application will be presented for selection before a board which has various members including an BMS member. The selection board sits once a year.

Hope this helps :D
Thanks for the replies, they have been very helpful - some more than others!

I know that there is a lot of change happening within the TA at the moment, so maybe I've just been unfortunate to have joined right in the middle of it all.

Like I said before, the people within the unit are really nice, so I'll stick with it and hope that things become more organised.
Northern Monkey is right Lab -Bird. its unforunate that you have been faffed about. Its probably better if you pester them on a weekly basis. In our unit even the docs come in as a recruit to get basic military skills until commissioning board. However in 2 Med Brigade the Field Hosps are being re-established to a ceiling of 261 personnel which will have a direct effect on line serial numbers and promotion prospects - even commisioning slots. However froma recruitment point of view we still have to recruit personnel who will be held in a 'Pool'. So you may not have a specific unit role but will be allowed to train with that unit, get your bounty etc and be administered from the unit you chose to join. Which will also mean that you will be eligible for mobilisation and as a BMS you are hot property. This issue of being held in a pool however probably won't apply to you as your trade is like rocking horse cr#p.

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