Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by BrownSauce, Aug 29, 2007.

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  1. :evil:
    This maybe just me, but!! Who are all these people that are filled with so much self importance that they have to tell everyone that their email address has changed. If someone needs to know that your email has changed then they will find out when they try to send an email!! :!: :?
  3. What an excellent post!

    So potentially ambiguous.

    Is it serious? If the e-mail doesn't work, then the sender phones the recipient to find out why. No need to change contact details for somebody who won't be contacted anyway, but who feels that he must be on everybody's contact list.

    Is it a WAH? If you don't know the new e-mail address, how are you going to send your message? (Assumes the e-mail address is the only known point of contact - as is the case with quite a lot of people).

    Wish I'd thought of this one.

  5. Depends how thick the Mince is :roll:
  6. I like this approach to things. Fair play to the lad..... :salut: ....This philosophy could be widly embraced in other areas of human relations and communication. For example, don't shout to your friend or loved one to get out of the way, just drive over them when backing the car into the garage. If someone needs to know that the position of your vehicle has now changed, that way they'll find out they should have moved.
    Air traffic controllers,...dont bother telling the 747 pilot that the runway is in fact the M25 in rush hour, let him land the fukker and find out the hard way.
    The intell corps obviously need bringing up to speed on this new approach too as clearly, "forewarned is forearmed" needs a radical re-think.
  7. The point I was trying to make is this. If youve set up your out of office then it will tell everyone trying to contact you your new email address. 8O . People who have never tried to contact you don't want to know that you've now got a new address!
  8. Not sure how TA Net works, but....

    Out of office belongs to the person who is the mailbox owner.

    If your old Email account is deleted, then anyone trying to get to it will get a non-delivery.

    If, on the other hand, someone else takes over the email address, then they will be the person that sets out of office, not you.

    So, if you're moving Email address, and people need to contact you, you need to let them know.

  9. To be honest I have had about 500000 emails from people I've never heard of (or want to hear of) telling me of their new email...But they're all on the old system anyway, blame ATLAS for not giving you DII(F) fast enough :p
  10. on
    See its not just me 8O
  11. Think yourself lucky, I've had 500000 emails from people I've never heard of (or want to hear of) telling me that my cock is small or that I require copious amounts of viagra! :roll:
  12. How did they know? :D
  13. Arg! You've been hit by the bots have you? They keep sending me b0llocks like "hard and fast rule" and "candian pharmacy" :evil:

    However, they do have they're uses: got someone you really don't like? Got their e-mail address? Then post it on as many websites on the internet and watch their inbox fill with utter shoite! :lol: