TA Near You - Support for HfH and Poppy Appeal

Appreciate your thoughts on this one - I'd like to put a banner at the top of the tanearyou.org.uk website similar to the one at the top of the Help for Heroes website (http://www.helpforheroes.org.uk/)*

Do you lot feel as though this is suitable for a recruiting website? Suggestions on anything more appropriate?

Also, you may have noticed that we now have Google Ads on the unit detail pages - all proceeds raised (ever!) will be split between HfH and the Poppy Appeal; if you have five minutes, please go to the website (http://www.tanearyou.org.uk) and following the link to you local TAC - once on the page for your local TAC, visit one of the sponsors and check the details for your unit.

Any problems with the content, either drop me a PM or e-mail me at nick@tanearyou.org.uk

Many thanks for the help - it is greatly appreciated and you are supporting two excellent causes.

Cheers, Nick..

* is the guy on the stretcher doing a thumbs up? classic.

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